Some Islamic monuments Jebel Nafusa in Libya

Some Islamic monuments Jebel Nafusa in Libya
Authorship: D. Mohammed Salem unrestricted USA Werfalli

بعض الآثار الإسلامية بجبل نفوسة في ليبيا

Dissertation submitted to the University of London doctoral

D. Mohammed Salem unrestricted USA Werfalli

School of Oriental and African Studies

It is a fact agreed that Libya not only attained a bit of studies in the field of Arts and Islamic monuments, attention has been focused on the Greco-Roman waste. And can also be said that the prehistoric era has acquired a great deal of interest compared to Islamic monuments, which did not write her up monitoring and recording landmarks. And did not open the door until the late sixties of the twentieth century. And though it still features And Islamic archaeological site in dire need serious studies and scientific care. The goal is to shed more light on the historical periods and articulated in the history of this country.
Nafusa Mountain area is characterized within the areas that have suffered from neglect in this area for a long period of time. So this study, despite what difficulties Aktnva, an attempt to remove some of the dust from the pages of history and monuments. And on the other hand try to pave the way for those who would like to go beyond this goal. And by seeking to accomplish more detailed studies and deeper. On the whole, this study may succeed in reference to Islamic sites and landmarks, must be given priority when the decision is conducting archaeological excavations in this region.
Perhaps the fundamental problem faced by a researcher at the Archaeological Studies. Is balanced historical vision. In our region, this was not enough. And if the objectives of this study work on framing objective historical vision for the region, the first Islamic centuries. And have been employed comparison and measurement in order to draw the outline of this perception. And this called for necessary scientific, and down to highlight the oldest Islamic monuments Jebel Nafusa.

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