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Religious discourse in the poetry of Abu Muslim Albahlana Rawahi 3

Seminar religious discourse in the poetry of Abu Muslim Albahlana Rawahi

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One Response “الخطاب الديني فى شعر أبي مسلم البهلاني الرواحي 3”

  1. Dudu says:

    AT EIGHTY-TWOThis aging man sure wonders why,it takes so long for him to die,first stantirg with his biggest toesnerve deadness starts but slowly grows.Inch by inch that affliction spreads,breeding forecast the old man dreads.Ankles and arches too turn numbpresaging loss that’s sure to comeWhen that numbness hits his kneesshould he start sipping anti-freeze,avoiding that coming surpriseas all of his body slowly dies.A RAISIN, I WOULD BEI envy the raisin, pleased with its shape,crinkled and dry, this once juicy grapehas internal goodness, lets none escape.Their skin may be all crinkled and black,they hold all they should, and bitterness lack.They are what they are, a nourishing snack.Just like the raisin, I want to be sweetto each new person I happen to meet,so they’d find me, a delectable treat.So as I crystallize, each broadening dayunafraid of the sun’s searing rayI soak up its glory in wrinkled array.

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