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Purposes of the law during the fundamentalist rules

Purposes of the law during the fundamentalist rules *

Mr. Darwish Nasser


This study addresses the purposes of the law during the fundamentalist rules, and that in two sections:

First: On the basis of the legal provisions, and the relationship of purposes assets Jurisprudence law.

The second: About the intentions of Sharia and fundamentalism rules, then the purposes of the law and jurisprudence.

The first section:

Meets all the conditions legitimacy- The basis of the legal provisions:

The legal provisions the basis of the Koran, it was with the Messenger Allah e Psonth words and actually reinforce each other, Became both the book and the year already in debt to prove its legal provisions, And it due المجتهدون in eduction. And it was proven when the leaders of the Muslims that the legal provisions which spent the street, citing descriptions due to the interests of the nation; fork about the book and year out of a third measurement, if the ills of the street judgment illness, or devised those vowels diligence; inflicted unless it including text when I found it , Then they proved that hardworking nation Masmon of error if their word agreed to rule learned from a book, or a year, or measure, And affirmed them out of the fourth, a consensus, it became evidence of four provisions: The book, And year, And Measurement, And consensus, It is when the investigation due to the two copies in: Quran and Sunnah([1]).

The owner of minds Lights:

الأصل للفقـه كتـابُ الباري إجمــاعٌ بعدَ سنةِ المختــار

الاجتهاد عِنــد هذي منعا وهـالك من كان فيه مبدعـا

والرأي في غير الأصول جوزا وواجب أن يتحرى الأجوزا([2]).

At that time began the process of attempts to explain these concepts in property, فنشأ of the impact of this science of jurisprudence, however, remained for a long time in his own image, which stabilized after its inception, without regard to the purposes of the legislation. قال العلامة الخضري: “ومن الغريب أنه – A multitude of what has been written in jurisprudence – Did not mean a typing in assets, which he considered the street in legislation, وهى التي تكُون أساساً لدليل القياس؛ لأنَّ هذا الدليلَ روحُه العِلَلُ المعتبَرة شرعاً، وهذه العلل منها ما نصَّ الشارع على اعتباره، ومنها ما ثبت عنه اعتباره في تشريعه، مع أنَّ هذه القواعد ينبغي أن يُبذَلَ الجهد في توضحيها وتقريرها؛ حتى تكون نبراسا للمجتهدين، والاستدلالُ بها خير من قتل الوقت في الخلاف والجدل في كثير من المسائل التي لا يترتَّب عليها ولا على الخلاف فيها حكمٌ شرعيٌّ، ولعلَّهم تركوا ذلك للفقهاء مع أنَّ هذه القواعد بعلم أصول الفقه أليقُ”([3]).

With- Relationship of the purposes of Sharia jurisprudence assets:

Some researchers believe that the purposes of the law as various developments in multiple times, became a separate note, her famous corners, and specific milestones. The truth is that science differentiate Bmoduaadtha, The subject of science of jurisprudence audio from the directory where connects science Bahwalh to prove ability provisions of acts charged, He referred to this brand Noureddine Salmi said:

وبحثه حيث الدليل أثبتــــا حكماً وحيث الحكم منه ثبتا([4])

This is the subject of the purposes of the legislation, however, the comprehensiveness of the rule of different, and ailments multiple, and then increased these purposes force in the permanence and significance in the elicitation, Thus it is clear that the purposes of the legislation does not depart from science of jurisprudence, but is a part in it, and attached to it, though . قال العلامة الخضري: “The rules of this art - means science of jurisprudence -; what is due to the legislation in terms of developing designate under the burden of the mandate, and that the end of it; self-preservation, and birth control, mind, money, and religion, these are the assets first, then what is due to the types of . This is derived from the book, and the year, and extrapolate orders Shara in different subjects, it would be this induction rules unquestionable certainty. This is the type in which he said Imam Shaatibi the: Rules need to be deterministic, and that Qteith not learned from individual evidence, But learned from extrapolation of inter combined evidence on the meaning of one, so the reported cutting, the meeting of what not to force separation, For and frequency of reported pieces, This is a kind of it. If the evidence obtained from the extrapolation of the total issue benefit science; directory is required, for example, base: “There is nothing wrong in religion”, Did not prove absolutely as soon as the verse: ﴿وَمَا جَعَلَ عَلَيْكُمْ فِي الدِّينِ مِنْ حَرَجٍ﴾([5]). The was incised roses; because it might bear in significant discussion on the meaning required, But they follow the orders of the street in all of the doors; فوجدوه spaces rights of embarrassment, whether the prayer, fasting, and alms, pilgrimage, and all transactions, install them definitely that this rule is correct, and it is considered as a basis for Islamic law of every act wants Faqih know his. And built Shaatibi what he said that each asset has not seen a specific text, and it was appropriate for the actions of the street, mesmerized by means of evidence; is properly built upon due to him, if that asset has become a total evidence lump it; because it does not need to be indicated on the cutting Panevradha ”([6]).

Jhlan عدون- The meaning of the purposes of the law:

From the words of scientists in hopes purposes of the law; find that her concerned; meaning-year-old, and a special meaning:

1- The general meaning of the purposes of the law: Governance is different, and the multiple meanings that relate to the provisions prescribed by God for His slaves, whether a scientific judgments concerned Streptococcus, or process provisions of doctrinal or moral,. This is not our shop.

2- Special meaning for the purposes of the law: Some contemporary researchers knew the purposes of different definitions of law, not devoid of multiple revenue ([7]), Alerts mixed. Which tend to be a definition distinct from other scientists also decide when reasonable([8]). Therefore I say: “The purposes of the law are Secrets legislation undisciplined, or are: Different meanings, and multiple impairments observed in devising provisions, working out”. I wanted the meanings disciplined governance; Kalall phenomenon that can reply to it provisions in a holistic manner, and a general picture, until it snaps provisions derived.

قال العلامة الخضري: “Term illness called confronted with concepts:

First: Emitting wise on legislation judgment, a request brought interest or supplemented, , Corruptive ask prevention or minimization, and what was to be بالعلة define governance, and knowledge must not be visible disciplined, Many of these judgment may be hidden, and may not be disciplined not fit to be defined; touched necessary to consider something else to define the presence runs the risk of the presence of that wisdom, a second concept of the word bug, so the description apparently uncontrolled who is runs the risk of having wisdom.

These examples illustrate that:

1- Palace began praying for the traveler to the wisdom of is evil hardship response, but a legal hardship is different additives, can not make it Manata to judge a license, As the travel it runs the risk of its existence; considered that the illness installed for license.

2- Embarked المعاوضات to wisdom is corrupting the need for prevention, and started to bug بالمبادلة her satisfaction, but satisfaction is invisible can not make the sign of the rule. And say العاقدين the: Sold, Aharit; runs the risk to get satisfaction; Making the focus of governance, a move the king in allowances.

3- Embarked retribution for the benefit to be brought a save life Bzger with souls prone to evil aggression, and retribution it runs the risk of getting such an interest; Making murder aggression Manata.

This is absolutely the Murad fundamentalists, فالوصف who made Manata because it runs the risk of collection of wisdom; is honorable no one else, even if the failure of wisdom sometimes about Mazntha, do not prevent impact Almazna - was also decided- For the stability of the provisions, and the fact that the description runs the risk to get wisdom, judgment has initiated him to collect that wisdom.

And the meaning of being fit has been defined by Abu Zeid الدبوسي the judge that if the display on the minds; received acceptance, and the fact that the street spent governance him for wisdom; meaning his mind”([9]).

And then Department of jurisprudence scholars illness, according to three destinations. Brand said Khalfan bin Jameel Al Siyabi: “Description is divided in terms of the legitimacy of his rule to: Necessary, Haji, Thasina,”([10]).

This speech is the basis for the purposes of the law; therefore chose Advanced definition of the purposes, Rgehna of attachment to the knowledge of the assets, and will come, God willing, after a little detail.

D- Forms and answer:

Decide when the people right in the pedagogy of religion that acts of God and its provisions is citing illness, but to create creatures and is المأمورات not a bug, nor the emitter, but did so of their own free will is and will exchange, said the author of the book light: “The illness but imagine one who purports to pay harmful or bring in a benefit, and God Almighty impeccably about it, do not help nor harm the benefit it brings, it envisions in his actions ills. And one of us is doing everything he does either يستجلب it to benefit himself, or purports to pay harmful, unlike the descriptions of Bari Almighty”([11]). استشكل some of this, and claimed that there is a contradiction between it and what is proven that the jurists of reasoning that is the basis for legitimate purposes!. Imam Subki: “No contradiction between Alklamin of; because be emitting that the reason the charge did likeness save souls; it bug conducive to retribution, which is act designate governed by hand-Shara, sentenced Shara does not bug him nor emitter him; because he is able to save souls without it”([12]).

Second Section:

Meets all the conditions legitimacy- Purposes of the law and the rules of fundamentalism

The fundamentalist legislative rules that apply in understanding the provisions of the scripts, In elicitation with no text; is the core of science and the spirit of the principles of jurisprudence, and stamen and حمته, and it reflected a popular street of legislation provisions, and God has blessed His slaves take care of their interests, and the management of their affairs, and their keeping the Almighty said: ﴿أَفَلاَ يَتَدَبَّرُونَ الْقُرْآنَ وَلَوْ كَانَ مِنْ عِندِ غَيْرِ اللّهِ لَوَجَدُواْ فِيهِ اخْتِلاَفًا كَثِيرًا وَإِذَا جَاءهُمْ أَمْرٌ مِّنَ الأَمْنِ أَوِ الْخَوْفِ أَذَاعُواْ بِهِ وَلَوْ رَدُّوهُ إِلَى الرَّسُولِ وَإِلَى أُوْلِي الأَمْرِ مِنْهُمْ لَعَلِمَهُ الَّذِينَ يَسْتَنبِطُونَهُ مِنْهُمْ وَلَوْلاَ فَضْلُ اللّهِ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَتُهُ لاَتَّبَعْتُمُ الشَّيْطَانَ إِلاَّ قَلِيلاً﴾([13]). Brand said Abdel Wahab Khalaf: “These legislative rules استمدها scholars of jurisprudence from extrapolation of legislative provisions, and texts that decided the principles of legality in general, and assets legislative College, also must be taken into account in devising provisions of texts; must be taken into account in devising provisions with no text in which the legislation is achieving what was intended, conductor ”([14]). Said Mark vegetative: “The status of laws, but it is in the interest of people in urgent and forward together, it has been proven Extrapolating Sharia – Extrapolation of unquestionable – They put the interests of people, he says in the mission of the Apostles – It originally -: ) Messengers missionaries and, warning, lest there be for people on God argument after the Apostles (([15]). The Almighty said in explanation of the origin texture: ) That He may try which of you is best in (([16]). The if Del induction on this, and it was in such a case useful for information; we cut that it continues in all the details of the law, and this sentence is proven measurement and diligence([17]). فالقاعدة في هذا أنَّ المقصدَ العامَّ للشارع من تشريعه الأحكام هو تحقيقُ مصالح الناس بكفالة ضرورياتهم، وتوفير حاجتهم، وتحسينهم، فكلُّ واحد من هذه الثلاثة التي تتكوَّن منها مصالح الناس مُرَتَّبٌ في درجته، فلا يراعى تحسينيٌّ إذا كان في مراعاته إخلالٌ بحاجي، ولا يراعى حاجيٌّ ولا تحسينيٌّ إذا كان في مراعاة أحدهما إخلالٌ بالآخر، وهذه القاعدة بيَّنت المقصد العام للشارع من تشريع الأحكام، سواء أكانت تكليفية أم وضعية, It showed mattresses as purposes of the provisions, And knowledge of the general purpose of the legislation of the most important is to be used to understand the right understanding of texts, and apply them to the facts, and the development of governance with no text, Because denote pronunciation and phrases on several meanings may be subject and object, which is likely one of these faces; is to stand on the street destination, Because many of the facts that may not occur dealt with texts phrases, and needed to know the provisions of any evidence of forensic evidence, and the Pacific in this reasoning is to know the destination of the street.

That the interests of the people are only these three types sense and viewing; because every individual or community interest consists of unnecessary things, and things Hajih, things ameliorative (Kemalism).

Valdharora Kskny homeless human shield them from the sun and cold زمهرير, even if a cave at Mount.

Alhaji be dwelling which facilitates the housing, that have windows open and close as needed.

And Althasina that beautifies and furnishes, and provide the amenities.

If availability him so has achieved his interest in residence, Thus, human food, and wear, and all of his affairs would materialize his advantage by providing these three species to him, such as the individual community; If the availability of its members to ensure a save necessities, and their belongings, and their improvements; what has been achieved to ensure their interest([18]).

Not يغيبن Faqih that this branch for purposes split bug measurement with taking into account the different meanings, and multi-governance, as it preserves the purposes of Sharia imaginary interests and claims poisoned.

Brand said Noureddine Salmi:

And جوزوا تعليلنا Baladm
And it is the wisdom of incorporating
Or pay spoil the second most important
To the necessary كحفظ the mind
The money also to Alhaji
And it is built on the desirability
As the measurement may Uige OK
And الزكوات link wombs
The lack of presence, know not
And interest earned wisdom
Bring total interest split
And religion and psychology together and offspring
Such as selling and the fare for a boy
Third, and the origin of The sections
Like Alnzafat of الأنجاس
Morals valued at([19])

Vmqasd law no more than three sections:

The first: Necessary.

Second: الحاجية.

Third: Desirable, or perfectionism.

Nearer the necessary purposes, which are essential in the interests of the religion and the world; so that if you lose not been lower interests on straightening, but miss life Bfouatha, and runs in the Hereafter win the consent of God; an eternal bliss that would not go away.

Remember the essentials including resides corners, as بمراعاتها of multiple aspects including stave them imbalance fact or expected([20]). More details on that will come, God willing,.

These things are necessary due as brand Salmi pointed out five things: Religion, psychology, mind, offspring (Or descent Btjoz), Money. He said mark Allagafa in jewel Unification:

And then save the religion of money and the same proportions and the same mind and may shall([21]).

Islam has begun each and every one of these five provisions guaranteeing be found and configured, and provisions to ensure conservation and maintenance. These two types of provisions brought God to the people necessities([22]).

First: ATo religion: Is the set of beliefs, and worship, and judgments, and laws legislated by God to regulate the relationship with people in their Lord, and their relationships to each other, Islam has begun to find him and his; positively faith and the provisions of the five rules which Islam, a: شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمداً رسول الله، وإقامُ الصلاة، وإيتاءُ الزكاة، وصومُ رمضان، وحجُّ البيت، وسائر العقائد وأصول العبادات التي قَصد الشارعُ بتشريعها إقامةَ الدين وتثبيته في القلوب باتِّباع الأحكام التي لا يصلُح الناس إلا بها، وأوجب الدعوةَ إليه، وتأمينَ الدعوة إليه من الاعتداء عليها وعلى القائمين بها من وضع عقبات أمامها، وشَرَع لحفظه وكفالة بقائه وحمايته من العدوان عليه الدفاعَ عنه، وعقوبةَ من يشقُّ عصا الجماعة، ويُحدث في الدين ما ليس منه، أو يحرِّف أحكامَه عن مواضعها.

Secondly: Self: Islam began to be found marriage for reproduction and birth control, and Kamal kind to the fullest and faces stay, he says: ) That He created for you mates from among yourselves, in tranquility with them and He has put between you affection and mercy in this are Signs for those who reflect (([23]). And proceeded to save them and to ensure that her positive eating hosted by the necessary food, drink, dress, housing, and positive retribution, his parents, and penance, to those who assaulted them, and the prohibition of dumping them into destruction, and positive pay damage reported([24]). But to make the scholar Ibn Ashour save self disillusioned saved about damage before it happens, such as: Communicable disease resistance. The Omar Ibn El Khattab prevent the army from entering the Levant; for the plague of Emmaus.

Thirdly: Mind: Islam began what saves people's minds to enter faulty; because the entry imbalance on the mind a great performer to corruption of indiscipline act, The entry imbalance of mind conducive to corruption in part, and entry on the minds of groups across the nation the greatest; must therefore prevent the person from sugar, and prevent the nation from spreading sugar among its members, as well as the deployment of other mental المفسدات, such as: Hashish, opium, morphine, cocaine, and heroin, which sin the world's uncle, addressed spread among the people; came therefore limit sugar.

IV: Offspring: For that his successor members of the kind, if construed disable it crashes to decay type and Antqas, must be kept males nation Alachtsae, and leave directly women steadily celibacy and so on, and that kept the nation from females cut members wombs that their birth([25]).

Salmi said the mark: “And expressed each genealogical save, and for him the campus of adultery and proceeded to limit the adulterer, as if it does not forbid; what is known descendants, Valalh the adultery, and the prohibition governance and the necessity of establishing the limit, and wisdom Remember offspring”([26]).

V.: Money: Islam began to be collected and earned positive pursuit of livelihood, and the legalization of transactions, trade, and speculation, And proceeded to save and protect prohibition of theft, united thief and Sharjah, and the prohibition of fraud and treason, and eat people's wealth unlawfully, and destruction of money of others, and to include the damage the money elsewhere, and the stone Fools Thi negligence, and payment of damage, and the prohibition of usury, and ensured Remember necessities whole; that permitted prohibitions for necessities([27]).

Came to explain sorties sun: “And increased each species SixthlyIt is: Remember display; and for him proceeded fairly ejaculation, and the rule of curse, Vaelloukua in view of others on the face proprioceptive bug, and the necessity of the establishment of limit rule, keeping the display is wisdom, and throw the man his wife of adultery where no witnesses with him; bug curse, the referee Almlaana, wisdom save a woman”([28]).

Said Dr. Qaradawi: “The added Quraafi and five others to this element VI which saved the show, and offer Ptaberna is: Dignity and reputation; therefore denied libel law, and backbiting and so on, and embarked limit in ejaculation of adultery, and ta'zir with everything else, is to add correct”([29]).

I: And the right not to add; since there is no inherent between necessary and strengthen end or تعزير, unless we consider that the display instead of birth control As Yumye the facts scholar Sheikh otherwise([30]).

And the second purposes Sharia الحاجية, of which is what he needs people to easily and amplitude, and the potential for the rigors of the costs and burdens of life, and if you lose your system does not break down their lives, not permeated including chaos, as if lost necessary, but critical ينالهم and narrow. And things الحاجية for people in this sense critical due to the lifting them, and mitigate them; endure the rigors of commissioning, and facilitate their ways of dealing and exchange, livelihoods and the pursuit.

Islam has embarked on various sections of worship, transactions, penalties, and habits, among other provisions intended to relieve, and convenience to people.

In worship: Embarked licenses entertainment and ease of law, if in the determination hardship on them, فأباح mushrooms in Ramadan that he was sick or on a journey, and the short prayer Quartet for the traveler, and pray sitting down for those who failed to do, and permitted tayammum who can not find water, and prayer in the plane, even from failure .

In transactions: شرع كثيراً من أنواع العقود والتصرفات التي تقضيها حاجات الناس؛ كأنواع البيوع، والإجارات، والشركات، والمضاربات، ورخَّص في عقود لا تنطبق على القياس، كالسَّلَم، والاستصناع، والمزارعة، والمساقاة، وبيوعِ المعاطاة، وغيرِ ذلك ممَّا جرى عليه عُرْف الناس ودعت إليه حاجتهم، وتضمين الصناع، وشُرع الطلاقُ والخلعُ؛ للخلاص من الزوجية عند الحاجة، وما أشبهَ ذلك، بل جعل الحاجات مثلَ الضروريات في إباحة المحظورات، وفي العقوبات جعل الدية على العاقِلَةِ تخفيفاً عن القاتل خطأ، وردَّ الحدودَ بالشبهات، وجعلَ لوليِّ المقتول حقَّ العفوِ عن القصاص من القاتل، ومنه حفظُ العرض؛ فهو بهذا أليق وفيه أدخَل ([31]).

In habits: Proceeded to meet the needs of people, fishing Kabahh, and enjoy بالطيبات the([32]). The Almighty between what he wanted to relieve including paired with each of the ills and legislative governance: ) What God wants to make you in difficulty (([33]).

And a third of the purposes of Sharia desirable (Discretionary); Which is required by virility, and the Arts, and the conduct of the things on my platform, and if you lose does not break down the system of people's lives as if you lose things necessary, and that they may attain critical as if you lose things needful, but their lives are reprehensible in the estimation of sensible people and mushrooms sound, and things are desirable for people .

Islam has embarked on various sections of worship, transactions, penalties, judgments mean to this improvement, beauty, and return people better habits, and guide them to best curriculum and Oqovernma the.

In worship: Purity proceeded to the hull, and the dress, location, and cover the genitalia, and guard against all impurities, and Alastnzah of urine.

In transactions: Denied cheating, fraud, and the corruption, extravagance, and dealing in all campus impure and harmful, and forbade the sale of rights to sell his brother, and receive the stirrups, and other things that makes the best transactions Platform.

In penalties: Jihad denied killing monks, boys, women, and forbade mutilation, and treachery, and the burning of dead or alive.

At the gates of morality and virtues mothers: Islam decided the styling of the individual and society, and walking with people in my ways([34]).

This is indicated by the Almighty on the will of improvement and cosmetics; بالعلل and governance that its some of its provisions, century interpretation of the meaning: ﴿وَلَكِن يُرِيدُ لِيُطَهَّرَكُمْ وَلِيُتِمَّ نِعْمَتَهُ عَلَيْكُمْ﴾([35]). The words of the Prophet e: «Sent to complete morals»([36]).

Imam Shaatibi said: “Each rank of these mattresses join what is Kaltaatmh the Sequel than if we assume lost not prejudice the wisdom of origin, in the essentials of what proceeded obligatory prayer to save the religion; proceeded performance group and announcing the adhan to be the establishment of religion and save it on a completed case show rituals and meeting them.

And what enjoined retribution to save souls, and the symmetry proceeded to lead to its purpose is to cause enmity and hatred; because the killer killed in the most egregious than did; may lead to bloodshed, and to the opposite meaning of retribution.

As the campus of adultery to save the offspring; the campus of seclusion and exotic dam for a pretext, and when deprived of alcohol-preserved of the mind; the campus a little of it if it does not get drunk, make whatever is not due only by duty, and all that leads to the outlawed prohibited and warned many of the permissible, often and under divorced, and devoted much of Alamomat; dam of pretexts, the rules legislated by keeping essentials supplemented by legislation to achieve this purpose to the fullest and faces provisions,ar.

In widgets what proceeded types of transactions from sales and rentals, and companies, and speculation; Frogs Trading forbidden for ambiguity, and ignorance, and sale of zero, and the statement is true coupling decade of its terms, and what is not right, and so on, which is intended to be a transaction in which fill a need people .

And improvements to the requirement of purity; scar several things supplemented, and what scar spending; scar to be spending a good gain, it is achieved considering the provisions of the Islamic Shariah; shows that the meaning of each provision initiated keeping is essential for the people, or Haji them, or Thasina, ”([37]). Each of these mattresses is complementary to what is stronger ones, Valhajiat the complementary necessities, Althasinaat complementary to the needs of.

I know that to be considered Sequel in the law a requirement; namely that no longer observed annul the sequel; because if hero invalidated Sequel him; because Sequel with CMOS Kelsafh with prescribed, and can not be regarded as such with the abolition described, since the mind leads to lack of mind, even if the imposition of . For example, the self-important-keeping is essential, and save المروءات Thasina, depriving impurities preserved on necessities, called for the need to save the self to eat unclean; was addressed first. As well as asset sales necessary, to prevent ambiguity and ignorance complementary, Flo condition denied ambiguity inter Anhsm the, door sales. As well as leasing necessary or Hajih, and a requirement to attend Alawwadan in المعاوضات complementary, and what was possible without the indigestion in the sale of objects, to prevent the sale of zero only in peace, in الإجارات abstention, فاشتراط the existence of benefits where the presence blocked the door of the transaction, and الإجارات need of it, . Likewise underway in see awrahs for healing.

What came from the prayer behind imams of injustice; the leave year left the group, and the group of the rituals of religion required. And justice are complementary to that required, does not invalidate the original Baltkmlh.

And from the completion of the pillars in the prayer complement to Dharoryatea, if led his request that the charge does not pray كالمريض is capable; fell CMOS, or was in complete embarrassment; rose embarrassment who did not complete and prayed according to what Ousath license, and so on, which does not recognize a few of the examples .

And purposes necessary in law out Hajih and perfectionism, if the imposition of disruption is necessary to launch; to misfire Alhaji and Kamali fired, nor necessary misalignment launch imbalance is necessary to launch, yes.. May be necessary disruption of Kamali launched an imbalance of Alhaji generally as may be necessary of Alhaji imbalance launching imbalance generally necessary; therefore necessary to maintain essential to maintain Haji, and to preserve the conservative Alhaji on Kemalist; because both of these mattresses serves what it.

The fact that is necessary is the original;, because the interests of the religion and the world is based on maintaining the five things, even if it deviated did not stay for a minimum. What is meant by this world what is special بالمكلفين and commissioning, as well as things eschatological do not do it, but this, if not religion; not arrange the penalty anticipated, albeit not in charge; lack of يتدين, albeit not to the mind; to increased religiosity, if not birth control; was not in the habit survival, ولو عدم المال؛ لم يبقَ عينٌ، وهذا كلُّه واضح لا يحتاج إلى إقامة برهان عليه، وإذا كان كذلك؛ فالأمور الحاجية إنما هي حائمةٌ حول هذا الحِمى، إذ هي تتردَّد على الضروريات فتكمِّلها؛ بحيث ترتفع عن القيام بها المشقّات، وتَميلُ بالمكلَّفين فيها إلى التوسِّط والاعتدال، فالأمورُ الحاجية فروعٌ دائرةٌ حول الأمور الضرورية، وكذلك الأمرُ في التحسينية أو الكمالية؛ لأنَّها تحسِّنُ ما هو حاجيٌّ أو ضروريٌّ، ولا يخفى أنَّ اختلال الضروريّ ينشأ عنه اختلالُ ما بعدَه؛ لأنَّ الأصلَ إذا اختلَّ اختلَّ الفرعُ تبعاً له، فلو فرضنا ارتفاعَ البيعِ من الشريعة؛ لم يمكن اعتبارُ الغرر والجهالة، ولو ارتفعَ أصلُ القصاص لم يمكِن اعتبارُ المماثلة فيه؛ فإنَّ ذلك من أوصاف القصاص، ومحالٌ أن يثبُت الوصفُ مع انتفاء الموصوف، ولا يخفى أيضا أنَّ الضروري لا يختلُّ باختلال ما بعده؛ لأنَّه كالموصوف، وبعدَه كالصّفة. ومن المعلوم أنَّ الموصوفَ لا يرتفع بارتفاع بعض أوصافه، فلو فرض ارتفاعُ اعتبار الجهالة والغرر؛ لم يبطُل أصل البيع، ولو فرض ارتفاع المماثلة في القصاص؛ لم يرتفع القصاص، اللهمَّ إلا إن كانت الصفة ذاتية بحيث صارت كالجزء من الموصوف؛ فإنَّها إذ ذاك تكونُ ركناً من أركان الماهية ترتفع بارتفاع أحد أجزائها، والصفة التي هذا شأنها ليست من الحاجيات، ولا الكماليات للشيء، بل هي من مقوِّماته لا يوجد بدونها، على أنَّ كلَّ رتبة ينالها اختلالٌ ما باختلالِ ما دونها؛ لأنَّ هذه المراتب مرتبطةٌ بعضها فوق بعض في التأكّد، فالاجتراء على الإخلالِ بالأخفِّ تمهيدٌ لِتَرْك ما هو أوْكدُ، ومدخلٌ للإخلال به، فصار الأخفُّ كأنه حِمًى للآكد، والراتع حولَ الحمى يوشك أن يقعَ فيه، والمخلُّ بما هو مكمِّلٌ كالمخلِّ بالمكمَّل من هذا الوجه، مثال ذلك الصلاة؛ فإنّ لها مكمِّلات وهى ما سوى أركانها وشروطها، ومعلومٌ أنَّ المخلَّ بهذه المكمِّلات متطرِّقٌ للإخلال بالأركان والشروط، ومما يــدلُّ على ذلك حديث النعمان بن بشير أن رسول الله e قال: «I'm between man's land between, the two things Mstbhatt not known to many people, it is those who fear suspicions; has استبرأ to his religion and display, and signed on suspicions; has fallen into no man's land, a shepherd takes care about the fever is about to sign it, not even every king has a fever, do not ([38]). The prejudice that we want is a breach of supplements launched; so that it does not come up with something which, though something was coming vow, so if serum was confined to the statutes of prayer; in his prayer is not what is desirable, and was to play soon.

Conclusion: أنّ الشارعَ راعى في أحكامه حفظَ الضروريات الخمسة، وأضاف إلى ذلك ما يُصْلحها، ثمَّ ما يكمِّلها؛ لتكون أعمال المكلَّفين جاريةً على أحسن المناهج وأعدلها، وليكونوا متمتِّعين بالسعادة التي هي اطمئنان أنفسهم، وراحةُ ضمائرِهم، ولم يرعَ الحاجياتِ والكمالياتِ إلا حيثُ لا تعود على أصل الضرورات بالإبطال، وهذا من أهمِّ ما يجب على المجتهد أن يعرفه؛ ليكون تعليله للأحكام موَجَّها نحو هذا الغرَض، بعد أن يَسْبِرَ ما اعتبرَه الشارع من العلل الموصِلة إلى هذه الغايات([39]).

Brand said otherwise: “وأمّا الأحكام الضرورية فتجب مراعاتها، ولا يجوزُ الإخلالُ بحكمٍ منها، إلا إذا كانت مراعاةُ ضروريٍّ تؤدِّي إلى الإخلال بضروريٍّ أهمَّ منه؛ ولهذا وجب الجهادُ حفاظا للدين وإن كان فيه تضحية بالنفس؛ لأنَّ حفظَ الدين أهمُّ من حفظ النفس، وأبيحَ شُرب الخمر إذا أُكره على شربها بإتلاف نفسه أو عضو منه، أو اضطُّر إليها في ظمأ شديد؛ لأنّ حفظ النفس أهمُّ من حفظ العقل، وإذا أُكره على إتلاف مال غيره؛ أبيحَ له أن يقيَ نفسه من الهلاك بإتلافِ مال غيره. These provisions where necessary taking into account the negligence rule is necessary most of it”([40]).

Sequel: The division of the illness, according to association corrupting interest:

Proved to be all the provisions set by the street confronted with acts, citing the interests of the subjects necessary, الحاجية, and desirable (Discretionary), However, that these ills can be accessed showed the interest, which have not gotten to it yet, and scientists named its provisions devotional, God has placed for the benefit of not authorize their knowledge, and both are very wise.

I know that if you responded to the industrious rule illegal in an act, either the street between his illness explicitly or metaphor, no work for hard-working in the genre, but to circulate the judgment in all shops illness, and called this measurement compared to the meaning of the original, has said by many .

And either to find industrious referee confronted with the act, فيجتهد in a statement illness, causing him what equivalents in that description that he thinks Manata of the rule, not enough in it just a suitable description of the legitimacy of the government, but must be based evidence from other texts on the street considered this description as : Description appropriate manner; appropriate because of the actions of the street, and exemplified in place do not يحتملها this Manual([41]).

It may not only find governance coupled with the description, can not find the actions of the street is evidence into account, for example, that the street is: “Not inherit killer”, Sees the diligence that the description is an act of Muharram for a corrupt purpose, and impact upon governance treatment بنقيض the intent, then measure it from divorced his wife in his death to escape the disease inheritance, فيعامل بنقيض unintended فيحكم بإرثها. This is an appropriate description of the legitimacy of the ruling, but did not appear in the actions of the street indicating regarded as any kind of considerations assessments, have called: Mounasp strange. This section of the sections of the ills that differed in its acceptance.

May find industrious actually acts Word from the street where the rule, and see it as a description fits sentenced last of the ban, or request, or legalization, or did not want him rule in the act, and the description fits judgments, and this description is the evidence considered that the Word from the street : “Appropriate sender appropriate”, And he calls Maalikis: “Sent interests”, And calls Ghazali: “Reclamation”This description either be a good fit is necessary; please conflict in dealing passport and arrange the verdict of the industrious and jurisprudence, although bucking a certain text, likeness: تَتَرُّسُ الكفَّار بجماعة من أُسارى المسلمين، فلو كففنا عنهم؛ لصدَمونا وغلبونا على ديارنا وقتلوا جميعَ المسلمين، ولو رمينا الترس؛ لقتلنا مسلِما معصوما لم يُذنب ذنباً، وهذا لا عهدَ به في الشرع، ولو كففنا لسلَّطنا الكفَّارَ على جميع المسلمين فيقتلونَهم، ثمَّ يقتلون الأسارى أيضا، فيجوزُ أنْ نرميَ هذا الترس؛ حفظاً لسائر المسلمين، وتحصيلُ هذا المقصود بهذا الطريق – وهو قتل من لم يذنِب – لم يشهد له أصلٌ معيَّنٌ، وهذه مصلحةٌ غيرُ مأخوذة بطريق القياس على طريق مبين، وانقدح اعتبارُها باعتبار ثلاثة أوصاف: Necessary, Peremptory, College. The description of these descriptions that the description appropriate حاجيا, or necessary Znaa, or partially strictly necessary; it is not permissible to embark on what is known as the street is forbidden in a sentence. For example,: If Tatars infidels in a Muslim castle, does not solve the throw gear; since there is no need to open the castle.

In conclusion, to say interests Sent When opposition to the rule of legitimate learned from text or consensus; under consideration and frequency, and will be valid for consideration when they are necessary, deterministic, college, and otherwise not considered, it can be allocated general provisions as well as the cancellation, and to be Balqtaah – As between the Imam Ghazali – What includes presumptive nearby blocks if become College, bone danger where; Fathtqr people in addition to partial([42]).

This account can be attached to these interests the purposes of the legislation, and perhaps this point from the destination partition to: Conclusive, presumptive and God knows.

ولا يخفى أن جمهور الأصوليين وإن كانوا ينفون القولَ بالمصالح المرسلة؛ فإنّ معظم الفقهاء في استنباطهم كثيراً ما يعوِّلون عليها، وسلفهم في ذلك عمرُ بن الخطاب رضى الله عنه، فإنّه اعتبر هذه المصالحَ في كثير من اجتهاداته، فهو الذي أسقطَ سهمَ المؤلَّفة قلوبهم، مع أنَّ القرآن عدَّهم من المستحقِّين، وأسقط الحدَّ عن السارق عامَّ المجاعة، وتركَ التغريبَ في الزنا بعد أن لحق أحدَ المغرَّبين بالروم وتنصَّر، وجعل الطلاق ثلاثا بعد أن كان واحداً على عهد رسول الله e وعهد أبي بكر، وصدر من إمارته كما جاء في صحيح مسلم([43]). The approval in some of these interpretations all scholars, and some of them agreed, none of them.

However, getting carried away in this section may sign in embarrassment, فالمصالح sent considered as long as they do not go back to the text of disqualification, although overturned and set aside; not considered only when the necessities of college uncertainties, but if the description does not see him out of a given any consideration or canceled; is not considered : “Appropriate sender strange”([44]).

B - the purposes of the law and jurisprudence:

The observance of the purposes of the law when devising the legal provisions; has produced a series of doctrinal branches, spread out in different sections, and the various chapters, organized by the investigators of scientists in the College of rules known as the: “Jurisprudence”, Legitimate Valmqasd out of the branches of jurisprudence, and branches doctrinal basis for the rules of jurisprudence, and jurisprudence General controls for branches of jurisprudence, And then if a conflict occurred between the base and the base of fundamentalist doctrinal; fundamentalist rule may be made on the base jurisprudence, as decided by our sheikh Gad El Rab mark Ramadan mercy of God in the studied semiconductor and isotopes([45]).

Brand said otherwise: “This rule on legislative fundamentalism - the purposes of the law -; legal principles developed for the payment of the damage, and the principles of legitimacy own show of embarrassment, and on each of these principles branched off several branches, and devised several provisions of relevant and clear the purposes of Sharia fixed”([46]).

First: Principles for the payment of damage: “Damage remains”:

Of its branches:

– ثبوت حقّ الشُّفعة للشريك أو الجار.

– وثبوت الخيار للمشتري في ردِّ المبيع بالعيب، وسائر أنواع الخيارات.

– والجبر على القِسمة إذا امتنع الشريك.

– ووجوب الوقاية والتداوي من الأمراض.

– وقتل الضارِّ من الحيوان.

– وتشريع العقوبات على الجرائم من حدود، وتعازيرَ، وكفَّاراتٍ.

“Damage is still damage”:

– فلا يجوز أن يدفع الإنسانُ الغرقَ عن نفسه بإغراق أرض غيره.

– ولا أنْ يَحفظَ ماله بإتلافِ مالِ غيره.

– ولا يجوز للمضطرِّ أن يتناول طعامَ مضطرِّ آخر.

– ولو التقت دابَّتان على شاهق ولم يكن تخليص واحدةٍ إلا بإتلاف الأخرى فمن ألقى دابَّة صاحبه وخلَّص دابّتَه؛ ضَمن.

“Bear damage your public to pay for the damage”:

Of its branches:

– يُقتَل القاتل لتأمين الناس على نفوسهم.

– وتُقطع اليدُ لتأمين الناس على أموالهم.

– ويُحجر على الطبيب الجاهل، والمَكَاريِّ المفلس.

– ويُمنع اتِّخاذ حانوتِ حدَّاد بين تجَّار الأقمشة.

“Commits lesser of two evils to prevent أشدهما”:

Of its branches:

– تطلَّق الزوجة للضرر وللإعسار.

– وإذا عجز مُريدُ الصلاة عن ستر العورة أو استقبال القبلة صلَّى كما قدر؛ لأنَّ ترك هذه الشروط أخفُّ من ترك الصلاة.

“Pay the corrupting submitted on bringing benefit”:

So came to talk: «What نهيتكم for arrows, seeking luck or decision, and commanded him they brought him what Asttatmm», and its branches:

– يُمنع أن يتصرَّف المالكُ في ملكه إذا كان تصرُّفه يضر بغيره.

– ويُكره للصائم أن يبالغ في المضمضة أو الاستنشاق.

A virtue of necessity”:

– فمن اضطُرَّ في مخمصة إلى ميتة، أو دمٍ، أو أيِّ محرَّم؛ فلا إثم عليه في تناوله.

– ومن لم يستطع الدفاع عن نفسه إلا بالإضرار بغيره؛ فلا إثم عليه في الدفاع به.

– ومن امتنع من أداء دَينه؛ يُؤخذ الدَّين من ماله بغير إذنه.

“Necessities exaggerated estimates”:

Of its affiliates:

– ليس للمضطَرِّ أن يتناول من المحرَّم إلا قدر ما يسدُّ الرمق.

– ولا يعفى من النجاسة إلا القدْرُ الذي لا يمكنُ الاحتراز عنه.

– وأحكام الرخص تبطل إذا زالت أسبابها، فالتيمم يبطل إذا تيسَّر التطهُّر بالماء، والفطرُ يحرم في رمضان إذا أقام المسافرُ الصحيحُ، وكلُّ ما جاز لعذر يبطل بزواله.

Secondly: Principles for raising critical: “Hardship brings facilitation”

Graduating this rule all Shara licenses and Tkhvavath.

I know that the reasons for mitigation in worship and other seven:

Travel: For and permitted fasting in Ramadan, and the short prayer Quartet, and the fall Friday, and drop hypothesis Baltmim, and prayers shamrock on late.

Disease: For and permitted fasting in Ramadan, tayammum and pray sitting down, and defaults and Friday with the group for virtue, medication بالنجاسات the.

Coercion: It is for him aversive permitted to utter the word of disbelief, and leave duty, and eat the dead, drinking wine.

Forgetting: For and raise sin who committed a sin by mistake, did not invalidate the fast eat during the day in Ramadan or drinking by mistake.

Ignorance: And for him ساغ the Sales reply to those who bought ignorant Baiba, ساغ the annulment of the defect is married ignorant.

Pan scourge: Such as prayer with impurity المعفو by, submachine guns and filthiness of mud streets and others which cleaves to guard him, and the impact of indigestion impurity removal.

Shortage: And its branches: Lift the commissioning incompetent; like a child and the insane, and the lifting of some duties for women Kaljmah and jihad, and the legalization of some taboo on men like to wear ornaments and silk.

“Critical legitimately raised“:

– مثل قبول شهادة النساء وحدهنَّ فيما لا يطَّلع عليه الرجال من عيوب النساء وشؤونهن.

– والاكتفاءُ بغلبة الظنِّ دون القطع في استقبال القبلة.

– وطهارةُ المكان، والماء، والقضاء، والشهادة

– ومن فروعه ما قرّروه من أنّه: “If fed widened”.

“Needs down necessities status in the legalization of taboos“:

– Kaltrechs in peace, istisna, and other things that the contract or act on anonymous or non-existent, but ruled by the people's need.

Branch scholar Sheikh disagreement on this principle, the rule of many contracts and transactions, and cruel, companies that occur between people, and spend Tjarathm, if the proof is correct, Waddell induction full that sort of these contracts or behavior became حاجيا people; so ينالهم embarrassment and distress if the campus .

Order.. We are in the era – Which abounded accountability, and multiplied his issues – Desperately needs to be to understand the mysteries of the law and rules; in order to achieve its purposes and objectives. Praise be to God who has guided us to this and what we were, handing except that God has guided us.

Proved the most important references:

    1. Quran

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      * Jurisprudential evolution science symposium in Amman during the fourth century AH “Legal rules model”.

      The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs _ Oman


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