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Sources of legislation when Ibadi

Most without owners articles on jurisprudence when Ibadi not give a clear vision about, they are just the views of fundamentalist lacks investigation, triggered by political and historical circumstances.([1])
Legislation when Ibadi sources said Sheikh Ali Yahia Muammar: Quran and Sunnah and consensus and measurement, and reasoning and falls below Alastsahab and plaudits and sent interests . Some scientists Ibadi call consensus, measurement and inference word opinion and they say that the sources of legislation is the Quran and Sunnah, opinion and because of that missed some of those who wrote them Clean they deny consensus The student of the toes Sifand the heritage of those allegations, and will reach the conclusion that the fundamental source of legislation when Ibaadis not differ from others, which is: Quran and Sunnah and consensus and Measurement.
The book:
يعتبر القرآن أول المصادر التشريعية عند كلّ المذاهب ومنها الإباضية، لكونه مقطوع الثبوت عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم.
Against the doctrine of Jabir bin Zaid was archaeological, do not deviate from the text of the opinion, but when you do not text; pursuant to the advice of sheikh Abdullah bin Omar bin Khattab y, when he said to him when coming off the city: «I heard O Abu الشعثاء, you're from the scholars of Basra, you Stsfy, there Fan only spokesman Baqran, or years ago, you did not have perished and decimated.([2])
Perhaps attributed to the people of the opinion was given to the environment in which they grew up with her when she Iraq.
Then came the students Jabir bin Zaid and they went to approach them in the inferred, did not Atsahluwa in taking the view; Some of them even be strong in upholding the impact, did not Agizoa taking opinion only when necessary, was quoted as Abu Obeida he said when he heard the people of Oman using opinion: «They are not spared from the broiler and blood».([3])
They were not confined to novels imams and their friends, but they were taking other novels.([4]) The response of some accounts, Falakunha is inconsistent with the principle of contract properly with them, or with modern proved his health when Mahdtijm.
The consensus honorable when Ibadi scholars is the consensus of scholars of the Islamic nation, and the nation is intended both believed God, and it was the Unitarian clique.([5]) Film or restrictive sense which equates to a person or a certain class, so we find Soviet([6]) Of Ibadi not considered agreement doctrine scientists and alone consensus.([7])
The students stuck Jabir bin Zaid the and Thrjhm impact of the use of opinion, download'm Pool([8]) His statement that his companions did not say in relation. He attributed some of them to Hashim bin Gillan([9]).
However, the sources of jurisprudence Orbiter Ibadi finds statements bus to scholars, Mstendhm the measurement.([10]) But he will find a variety of them, such as Ibn Abdul Aziz([11]), And my father allergen([12]), Hyperbole in used Vkdmoh the one on the news affected the scholars of Kufa approach.
Sources dependency:
As for other sources of dependency, which differed in authoritative among the nation's scientists, we find Ibaadis the embark on accordingly without expansion.
The Sent interests do not find in Ibadi detailed sources and thorough, but finds embodiment in jurisprudence Vgahaúhm, they are investigating the street from the destination governance, يوازنون of interests when opposed. Salmi says: «You If you think about the doctrine of chums may God have mercy on them, and found them to accept this kind of timely and account for it, as indicated by the outline, which although not indicating a particular account or sex»
The emerged in فقههم of interest Makassed side, and look at the money, and this manifested in the broiler door and mainly blood, for example, the rule of some sanctity Almotah in her rectum depending on Alaaalh, and dams excuses Corruption.
Ibadi has adopted plaudits within the discretionary sources, and adoption appeared in many of their applications jurisprudential. Promised each استصحاب the origin within sections of the main sources of law, as he went to Abu Zakaria Ganaona([13]), And Allowargelana([14]) Fjaloha three: And origin reasonable origin and استصحاب of the case originally.
And shows interest convention when Ibadi in many fatwas, though not يتطرقوا to the contours of custom and types; as others have done, is they have evidence of domestication when the absence of a text, especially in the field of Vows, marriage, divorce, and some contracts.
The reasons for the difference
There are reasons resulted in the difference between scientists in many legal provisions mention the most important short :
1- Difference in the assets of the legislation, and some sources elicitation.
Of the most important reasons for the difference between the sects is the difference in some of the assets of legitimacy and sources of eduction, although consensus of the nation that the Quran and the Sunnah and consensus are the basic rules of the assets of deduction, but they differed in followed by asset فأبو Hanifa example, provides measurement to the sender of the modern sender and Imam Malik expands .
2- Wound and opposes the amendment per narrator.
It is known that there is no proof of talk is either in Sindh or interruption injured in one of the narrators, The Modern have disagreed in the weighting and fairness of some of the narrators
It facing in the words of critics opposed of Garahin and amending per narrator, where يوثقه each Others Egerha, but you see the contradiction in the judgment issued sometimes in one narrator, where he tells him to modify once, and wound again.
Perhaps the difference in the issue-based novel creator and fork them, had the greatest impact in their judgment on a per-Rawi. Perhaps crammed Ibadi within the range of heretics was one of the most important reasons why Sunni scholars neglected irrigated a lot of conversations about the narrators Ibadi.
An example is the Akrama sire Ibn Abbas, he threw some of them lying and that the opinion of outsiders that he had accepted the awards princes, and tell a lie something often Frowa that the Saeed bin Musayyib said to his master, "cold" Do not lie on as Sabri lied to his master. Qasim said Sabri sea of ​​seas and where people spoke, and not talking protesting the. This while يوثقه Others Aadlonh Son Jarir al-Tabari trust him all the confidence and fills the interpretation and history testify, and claim Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Yitzhak Ben Raahawayh and Yahya bin particular and other senior modernists, Valboukhara outweigh his sincerity he tells him in the correct lot and Muslim outweigh his lie did not .
3- Difference in the modern understanding of the text or verse
An example of this is also what Bukhari and Muslim from Ibn Umar that the Prophet, peace be upon him when he returned from the battle descended upon parties Gabriel and Astjlh to go to Quraizah the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his companions in a hurry them : (No one pray only in the era between the Gareida) Vadrkihm Asr prayer in the way he said some of them do not pray even Nataha, the others said:(But pray, did not want us Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and so). When he mentioned that to the Prophet, peace be upon him أقرهم all on their reaction, Although some diligence led to delay prayer time deliberately - taking the apparent meaning of the text- Diligence led others to the apparent violation of the text.
4- Difference in the ways of combining and weighting between the texts.
The scholars differed in the interpretation of conversations and weighting to each other by differences in understanding, but did not deny that one of them talking, and not taking it does not mean denial and non-recognition by the Valabadih when they left taking some conversations in Bukhari and Muslim, or in other books of the year does not mean denying her, .
The rules adopted by the Ibadi Make anecdotal year the year when the actual conflict, because the potential for privacy act, Weak significant compared anecdotal year. Than that Ibadi agreement on the that impurity contrary fasting pursuant hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah in the spring and other: «Became مجنبا became fasting». The interview with Aisha and Umm Salamah: «The Messenger of Allah was to become the side of intercourse is wet dream in Ramadan and then fast».
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