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Literature heritage in the jurisprudence of the environment and the universe and objects

Literature heritage

In the jurisprudence of the environment and the universe and objects

Preparation: Meets all the conditions legitimacy. عبد السلام الوجيه

(Academic Researcher of the Republic of Yemen)

Entrance (Apology and confession of helplessness):

(Literature heritage in the jurisprudence of the environment and the universe and objects) هذا هو العنوان الذي طلب مني ورقة عمل في إطاره، وقد وافقت باعتباري متخصّص في فهرسة التراث الإسلامي في اليمن ظناً مني أن الأمر سهل، وأني سأحيط بالموضوع وأقدم فيه ما يفيد، وما إن بدأت حتى تراجعت وطلبت العذر ولم أعذر، وبالتالي فقد وجدت نفسي حائراً أمام المؤلفات التراثية في الموضوع، خصوصاً بعد اطلاعي على تعريفات البيئة والكون والكائنات وما يندرج تحتها من مواضيع تكاد تشمل التراث الإسلامي بمجمله.

وحيث إنّ مصطلح البيئة وفقه البيئة حديث ومستحدث ومختلف في تحديده، وتحديد ما يندرج تحته من عناصر، فإن من الصعوبة بمكان الإلمام بما رسم لي وحدد في عنوان البحث المطلوب، ولكن حاولت الإطلالة بين أركام المشاغل وضيق الوقت على الموضوع علّي أخرج ما عساه أن يفيد أو يقدم جديداً، وأعترف أني استفدت لنفسي ببعض المعلومات والمعارف، ولكني عجزت أن أقدم أكثر من هذه المحاولة المتواضعة لمعرفة النزر اليسير من العناوين التي أشار إليها بعض الدارسين، أو التقطها من فهارس التراث القليلة التي اطلعت عليها، ولكن قبل ذلك لابد من إيراد تعريفات البيئة والإطار المعرفي الإسلامي المحدد للعلاقة بين الإنسان وبيئته، وأهم ملامح أحكام الحلال والحرام في فقه البيئة.

* * *

Environment and their definitions:

1- يقول الدكتور إبراهيم علي حسن النحاس في بحث بعنوان: “Environmental jurisprudence in Islam” On the definition of the environment in the Arabic language: Expression of the newly created environment in the Arabic language, the word came (B) Any: Returned to stable.

As stated in the lexicon mediator: That are the home environment, and the case, and said: Natural environment, social environment, and political environment.

As stated in upholstered in dictionary: That the environment is the case, and said: It is good for the environment.

In the Koran says Lord Almighty: ), Who took up the house and Faith (([1]), Who lived in the city of supporters, and settled their hearts to faith in God and His Messenger.

Muslim scholars have used the word environment use اصطلاحيا than the third century AH, and probably was the son of Abed Rabbo, the owner of the contract is the oldest of the unique find has the conventional sense of the word, which refers to the natural environment (Geographic and spatial and bio-) In which they live organism.

It also refers to the social climate (Political, moral, and intellectual) Ocean human beings in foreign languages: In French (4) The environment is defined as what surrounds us, or in the middle, and notes that the word (Environment) The tattered book in the works of the French in the sixteenth century, has been quoted them into English.

In English: (5) The environment is defined as what surrounds man in living.

At international conferences:

Meets all the conditions legitimacy- United Nations Conference, which was held in Stockholm in June year 1972. Has included a brief definition of the environment as everything surrounds human beings.

With- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, which was held in the city: “Rio de Janeiro” In June 1992, which will be called: “Earth Summit”.

The dispute between the north and south to the difficulty of defining and stability in the environment will.

It was a clear difference in the resistance would bear the burdens of pollution, especially industrial uses burdens of the major countries, which resulted in prejudice to the ozone layer([2]).

2- As for Mr. Shirazi in his book “Jurisprudence of the environment”([3]), Has reported, citing Dr. Mamdouh Hamid Attia in his book “They are killing the environment” Several definitions are:

Meets all the conditions legitimacy- Group of biological and chemical agents and natural, geographical and climatic surrounding humans and the surrounding space, home, which determine human activity, trends, and chronicling his behavior and his system.

With- Field that surrounds the human beings in order to ensure them a good life and live as Tools of financial resources and mineral resources, petroleum, construction materials, fisheries and beaches, which is in its entirety for individuals lives or home theater, which enlisted.

جـ- Earth man-who lives with other organisms, including components include physical, chemical and biological, social, cultural, economic, political and gets them on the elements of his life.

D- Land, including various dimensions and that much for him to live with other objects, beasts and inanimate.

E- Frame in which it is practiced human life and all the different activities (Human, animal, plant, earth, water, air), It is the land on which we live, the air we breathe, the water that is the origin of every living thing, as well as all that surrounds us from assets, whether live or جمادا.

And- A range of natural and social systems and cultural in which they live human and other organisms, and which derive their provision, and performing the activity. This definition quoting d / Badria Abdullah Awad from the book (Environmental laws in the GCC).

The- Total hostile and friendly relations that bind animal or plant ببيئته the inorganic or organic than in other organisms.

It is these definitions we find the breadth and difficulty tracking what is in it in the books of the difficulty of identifying heritage literature and individual titles in the jurisprudence of the environment and the universe and objects.

Cognitive framework for environmental jurisprudence:

But before that, we would like to address the environment in Islam jurisprudence emanating from the framework of knowledge and perception out of the fundamental constituents define the relationship between man and the environment, has outlined a researcher Mustafa Abu Sway circles the relationship between man and the environment in three are: (Succession, Gearing, reconstruction) سأتعرض her briefly and disposal.

1- Succession, Is to look at Islam, the universe and human life that emerges from the knowledge of revelation, and its conclusion: That man Mstkhalaf in the earth, have been cited from the Quran and Sunnah texts confirm this succession, including the consequent serious responsibility and exam followed by reward and punishment, reward the best deal with the environment, according to the Lord's guidance, and severe punishment that out of the way and spoil. And therefore Valkhalafah in the ground based on the report by verses and conversations come about science and the perception is located on the shoulders of the rights under the care of his surroundings and the environment in which welfare is going on in Rahabha.

2- Gearing: It means harnessing the human things in a wider circle ) and subjected to you what is in the heavens and on earth, all of it in that are Signs for those who reflect (([4]), Harness in a circle narrower is the elements of the environment of the sea, rain and Astronomy and the wind and the body, and all that mocked heavens and the earth and the seas and rivers, beasts and Anaam for man is one of the pillars of succession and tributaries that he had to and strengthen the human primary function of which is slavery.

3- Reconstruction: ) Is أنشأكم of land and Astamrkm (([5]) Remind thanks to God for the rights in succession and gearing, and then request him that the architecture land and maintain the environment to save the type and the role primary objective of slavery exclusive God Almighty, which includes all aspects of life are not separated between religion and the world as a minimum farm Hereafter.

Considering that the purposes of the law which restrict scientists in five is: (Remember religion, and the arts, and birth control, and mind, and money) For humans, which is not only through the preservation of the environment as one of its components, Islam has identified the position of the components of the environment (Human, animal, plant, earth, water, air… Etc.), United protection Landmarks in the provisions of halal and haram, believing Fraudha the breach should not breach considered is a particular corruption.

For example,:

1- Man: Which identified Islam many things to keep it like:

– حرمة القتل، ﴿من قتل نفساً فكأنما قتل الناس جميعا﴾.

– حرمة الإجهاض.

– السلام كقاعدة والحروب كاستثناء.

– آداب الحروب (Not to harm from has nothing to do with the innocent) (Women, children, Sheikh, not to cut the trees, sabotage the globe, the killing of animals, the use of weapons of mass destruction, humanitarian rules, the regulation of relations between peoples and civilizations, and not to corrupt morals).

2- Animal:

– حسن معاملته وعدم جواز قتله إلا بشروط وآداب.

– ما يقتل يجب أن يكون في حدود الحاجة وفي حدود الإحسان؛ لأنّ الله كتب الإحسان على كلّ شيء «فإذا قتلتم فأحسنوا القتلة، وإذا ذبحتم فأحسنوا الذبح…»Etc.. Hide slaughter machine.

– تحريم الصيد لغير الحاجة ولمجرد اللهو واللعب.

– تحريم إيلام الحيوانات والطيور، وفجيعة الأم بولدها.

– الرفق بالحيوان باعتباره من مكونات البيئة.

– عدم الإسراف في القتل.

– تحريم التحريش بين الحيوانات.

– لعن الدابة.

3- Plant:

– حفظ النبات والأشجار وعدم قطعها والنهي عن قطعها في الحرب إلا للضرورة القصوى وضمن أحكام معينة.

– حفظها في السلم والحث على غرسها «ما من مسلم يغرس غرساً أو زرع زرعاً فيأكل منه طير أو إنسان أو بهيمة إلا كان له صدقة».

– إحياء الموات من الأرض بالزراعة والحث على التشجير ومحاربة التصحر.

– حفظ الأرض من التلوث، (Induction on hygiene, removing something harmful from the road, and three Almlaan prevention (Water resources, the side of the road and shadow).

4- Water:

– المحافظة على الماء بحماية مصادره وعدم الإسراف في استهلاكه وعدم تلويثه، حتى إلى درجة النهي عن الاغتسال في الماء الراكد للجنب، والنهي عن البول في الماء الراكد… Etc..

5- Air Protection:

– فقد ورد في آداب قضاء الحاجة البعد والاستتار، كذلك البعد عن المناظر المؤذية وما يسبب الروائح الكريهة، والنهي عن أكل الثوم والبصل ثم دخول المساجد قبل أن تزول الرائحة، وكلّ ما من شأنه إفساد الهواء مثل التدخين.

– كذلك حتى التلوث الضوضائي ﴿إِنَّ أَنكَرَ الأَصْوَاتِ لَصَوْتُ الْحَمِير﴾([6]), And came from etiquette to prevent noise in mosques and education workshops… Etc..

* * *

Environment in the books of fiqh:

Principles in Language: Is a science thing, understanding and acumen. Senior: Science, such as understand: Other previously understanding.

Jurisprudence in custom: Stand on the hidden meaning to which the rule, and it refers saying come to the attention of the absent knowledge scenes.

Jurisprudence idiomatically: Knowing the legitimate operation of the provisions of the detailed evidence.

Some said: Is aware of the project and his mastery of the knowledge of the meanings texts and work by.

The science of jurisprudence Islamic law: Is tantamount to the Constitution of integrated, if you move the rights from which انسجمت course of his movements with the teachings of the divine which is the demands of بمراعاتها a way not to organize human life in itself and with children of sex, but also to organize his life with his surroundings and environment, Valvgah may draw him everything in his life until .

It is like any other science and knowledge over بأطوار multiple and has had roles are many, may be more Islamic sciences movement throughout history ; because it is required to keep pace with changing times and offers solutions for everything derives from people's lives, has directed Muslims to look carefully at the sources of legislation Fastkhrjoa what .

Including or mostly the provisions of the surrounding environment to human beings in this vast universe in which they live and deal with him and the Tools of the objects.

There is no book of jurisprudence devoid of exposure to the environment in the broadest sense, and review of literature heritage in the jurisprudence of the environment and the universe, objects, or monitoring means stand in front of heritage tremendous renewed through the ages is not the ability of a researcher to take its content or take Pferaúdh and see Geleth and marvels.

Through the review of literature scholars over the centuries, we find that any comprehensive author of Islamic jurisprudence contains a lot of issues and the provisions relating to the environment and the universe and objects, for example, only.

* Provisions of Purity: وما يرتبط بها من تحديد المياه وأقسامها، وكيفية التعامل معها، وعدم الإسراف في استخدامها، والمحافظة عليها وحمايتها من التلوث، وأحكامها التي حددت الطاهر منها في نفسه المطهر لغيره، والطاهر غير المطهر، والمتنجس، والصالح وغير الصالح، كما حددت كل الملوثات التي قد تلحق بالماء ونهت حتى عن إدخال المستيقظ يده في الإناء قبل غسلها، والشرب من فم السقاء، والتنفس في إناء الشرب والنفخ فيه و الأمر بتغطية الإناء وربط السقاء حتى لا يصل إليه الغبار ولا الحشرات المؤذية والحاملة للجراثيم، والنهي عن الاغتسال في الماء الواقف الساكن الذي لا يجري حتى لا يتلوث بما يكون على سطح الجسم من أوساخ وجراثيم ومفرزات، والنهي عن التبول في الماء الدائم، وكذلك التبرز حتى بالقرب من الماء «اتقوا الملاعن»، وتحديد النجاسات المتمثلة في:

– ميتة الحيوان ذي الدم الذي ليس بمائي.

– لحم الخنزير بأي سبب مذهب لحياته.

– دم الحيوان غير المائي المنفصل من الحي أو الميت إذا كان مسفوحاً.

– بول الإنسان ورجيعه.

– سؤر الحيوانات وأحكامها في المياه القليلة والمختلف فيها بين الفقهاء.

– نجاسة سؤر السباع وآكلة اللحوم وآكلة الجيف، وكذلك الكلاب والخنازير وسائر أجسام الحيوانات المفسدة للماء.

It was also reported in purity:

– المحافظة على الأرض اليابسة وطهارتها وعدم تدنيسها بالمخلفات والشوائب «جعلت لي الأرض مسجداً وطهوراً» النهي عن الملاعن، إماطة الأذى عن الطريق.

– نظافة الهواء المحيط.

– النهي عن الثوم في المساجد، الروائح النتنة… Etc..

– Dealing with human and animal waste with other health is without prejudice to the environment from pollution and pollutions and unhealthy things and things of man contestant janaabah menstruation and nifaas and spend and related needs of etiquette are all aimed at a healthy environment clean.

* Rulings on prayer: And related human purity, the purity of the place, the organization of houses of worship, identify places non Amosobh and is unclean, avoid roads, cemeteries, the bathrooms, the bass worshiper, Halith and type, and determine the times of prayer and prayer… Etc., and in prayer, and Friday, and the funeral, and ascites, and solar and lunar eclipses, fear, and fencing, rain inhibitor, and other provisions of the ills of minutes her environment and the rights and any link link.

* Provisions Funerals: And their relation to dealing with the dead in washing and expedite the burial and quality… To last these secrets involving much regard to preserving the environment.

* Provisions of the Zakat and five: And their relation to the organization of the economic environment and determine to deal with land rights and minerals trade, and then determine which banks including bridging the needs of the poor debtors and the wayfarers in the way of Allah who enters beneath the reconstruction of the land and building roads and secure ways…Etc..

* Provisions of fasting: The benefits of physical and mental health and its relation to the feeling of others.

* Provisions of the Hajj: And the association and assembly and the protection of animals and the prohibition of fishing on Muharram and animal abuse.

* Rulings on Marriage and Divorce: And the organization of the family The nucleus of society and maintain healthy relationships free from diseases and birth control corruption and human unbalance.

* The provisions of the Financial Transactions: صحيحها, Vassadha and prohibition of usury and monopoly, fraud and sale of taboo and fruit before ripening and validity, and the other shall prejudice the rights and safety of the environment and the subsequent provisions of other economic transactions related to the organization of everything that would construction, reconstruction and lack of corruption.

* Provisions of fishing and sacrifices: أنواعها وما يحل وما يحرم منها وفيها من الاهتمام بالحيوانات والكائنات ما لا حصر له من الأحكام والشروط والآداب من عدم جواز قتل الحيوان إلا لأكله أو في دائرة ضيقة عند الخشية من ضرره إن بقي حياً، وفي المأكول عند صيده أو ذبحه استخدام الآلة الحادة، وإحسان القتلة، وعدم التعذيب، وإخفاء آلة الذبح، والإباحة للحاجة، وكراهة الصيد للهو واللعب، وتحديد مواسم الصيد في غير موسم التوالد والتكاثر وأدواته، وعدم إفزاع الأم وصغارها أو فجيعتها بهم.. To other living creatures must be respected and care for her life and not compromising them except in cases of necessity, and other than his need to keep the components of the environment, and to prevent tampered with and exposed to the courtyard and extinction.

* Then the provisions of Border, Alerosh and felonies and Blood Money and retribution All that has to do with maintaining the security and safety of man and society.

* And last but not last: The provisions of the traffic on the organization of government and State and other systems for human life and societies, and its relationship also wars and provisions, and the prohibition of corruption and corruption which, of murder, torture, torture, demolition, destruction, logging, and exposure of the innocent, and the rest of the related.

The bottom line: Islamic jurisprudence is the translation and the Constitution specify the purposes of the law which restrict scientists in five is: (Remember religion, and the arts, and birth control, and mind, and money) For humans, which is not only through the preservation of the environment as one of its components, has identified Islam, the position of the components of the environment, as mentioned.

* * *

Some traditional literature in Environmental Science

Meets all the conditions legitimacy) Some literature cited by contemporary scholars:

Research entitled (Contributions of Muslim scholars in scientific and technological progress through the ages) A. D / Ahmad Fuad Pasha, professor of physics and dean of the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, published in the site (IOL Net) He titled (Environmental Science) To Canadian philosopher, has: (Message in the vapors to the atmosphere of interest Alawaba) And(Message in the healing medicine of noxious odors).

Son radiator who also wrote a book called (Arts hatched in the epidemic, plague).

Ibn Sina, who spoke in detail in his book (Law) Water pollution in general and how to address this pollution to become usable water, and set conditions attachment to the nature of water and air influencers in place when choosing a housing site.

Razi, who emphasizes the safety of the environment when consulted sails State in the selection of the hospital site in Baghdad chose the area that did not spoil the meat quickly, and wrote a message in the spring effect and the air change accordingly.

Andalusian Abu Marwan, who spoke in his book (Facilitation in therapeutics and measure) About the corruption of the air that come from hospitals and pools of stagnant water.

And the son of Bishop Damascene in his book (Orchard doctors and kindergarten Alalba) Confirms into account the impact of the environment when diagnosed with the disease.

And the son of the nuts in his book values (Prophetic Medicine) Which contains a chapter on epidemics that spread because of air pollution and guard against them.

It did not stop at these examples to scientists took the environmental problems in parts or chapters of their books where we find among Muslim scholars who saw the need to address the issue in a separate book to emphasize its importance in the lives of people throughout the ages.

Has been ranked Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Tamimi [S 4 e ], An entire book about environmental pollution, causes and effects, methods of control and prevention, and the separation of the talk about the three-air, water and soil pollution and exchange between these three elements make title (Article stay in air-corruption reform and avoided damage epidemics).

As well as the class Egyptian Ali Radwan book a pioneer in the field of environmental medicine entitled (Raise the harm caused by chilling the land of Egypt).

As mentioned d / Ahmed Fouad himself in research on (Natural History in the Arab and Islamic culture) A number of books developed by Muslim scholars in plants, animals and minerals and placed in three specialties (Linguist, agricultural, medical therapeutic drug druggist) He explained that the literature in zoology sense the exact day were few, as many of these books were dealing with the art of fishing and cruiser and other equestrian arts in addition to veterinary medicine, and the books composed in metals are mostly dealing with precious stones and their properties, and titles mentioned by:

– كتاب النبات، لأبي حنيفة الدينوري.

– الفلاحة النبطية، لابن وحشة.

– الحيوان، للجاحظ.

– طبائع الحيوان وخواصها ومنافع أعضاءها، لعبد الله بن جبريل بن بختيشوع.

– حياة الحيوان الكبرى، للدميري.

– عيون الأخبار، لابن قتيبة الدينوري وهو كما قال من أبرز الكتب الموسوعية العربية التي تحدثت عن الحيوان، والجماد، والمعادن، والأحجار، والكون.

– عجائب المخلوقات وغرائب الموجودات، للقزويني المتوفى سنة 682هـ، ومن أبرز الموضوعات العربية الإسلامية التي تصف الكون.

– كما ذكر د/ خليل الميس في بحث له بعض أسماء الكتب التي اعتنت بالأحكام الراعية للبيئة منها:

– فصول الأحكام وبيان ما مضى عليه العمل عند الفقهاء والحكام، لأبي الوليد التاجي(403-474E).

– البيان والتحصيل والشرح والتوجيه والتعليل في المسائل المستخرجة، لأبي الوليد بن رشد القرطبي المتوفى سنة (520E).

– مجموع فتاوى ابن تيمية، المتوفى سنة (728E).

– المعيار المعرب والجامع المغرب عن فتاوى أهل إفريقيا والأندلس والمغرب، لأبي العباس أحمد بن يحيى الونشريسي المتوفى بفاس سنة (914E).

– حاشية رد المحتار على الدر المختار، لابن عابدين المتوفى سنة (1252E).

Researcher where he finds the provisions بأعيان care environment مبثوثة in these books are explained and reasoned in many places.

Added to what Dr. / Khalil facilitator that there are dozens of encyclopedias in Islamic jurisprudence scholars from different sects exposed to many environmental elaborate provisions, for example, are not limited in Yemen.

– موسوعة الانتصار الجامع لمذاهب علماء الأمصار، للإمام يحيى بن حمزة.

– البحر الزخار، للإمام أحمد بن يحيى المرتضى.

– الأحكام، للإمام الهادي يحيى بن الحسين.

– شرح التحرير، للإمام أبي طالب الهاروني.

– شرح التجريد، للإمام المؤيد بالله الهاروني.

– شرح الأحكام، للقاضي زيد.

– البيان في الفقه العمراني.

And dozens of encyclopedias jurisprudence that Ahtutea public and private libraries in Yemen, for more knowledge about see our book (Heritage sources in private libraries in Yemen) See also our book (Flags Zaidi authors and their books Index).

With) Some of what I found in the two volumes of the Great Islamic Encyclopedia:

Ibn Khaldun (Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed bin Mohammed):Introduction Ibn Khaldun (Private Detectives with the knowledge of architecture, contains chapters:

– العمران البشري على الجملة. – Omran al-Badawi.

– الدول والمراتب السلطانية. – Urbanization. Sanai.

Ibn Duraid (Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn Duraid kadhdhaab) (223-321E).

– His: Recipe of the cloud, and Ghaith and pioneers News and Amedoa of speech printed in 1859.

– وصف المطر والسحاب وما نعته العرب الرواد من البقاع، طبع سنة 1963م.

Abu Ala bin Abdul Malik blossom (Andalusian doctor) He died in 557 AH, One of the first to talk about what caused the swamps and the rising air them from pests and it emphasizes the importance of clean air and the biggest celebrity in Experimental Medicine.

– وله التذكرة في الدواء السهل، طبع ضمن كتاب الطب والأطباء في الأندلس الإسلامية، بيروت سنة 1988.

– تفضيل العسل على السكر ضمن السابق.

– التيسير في المساواة والتدبير وهو من أشهر الكتب، طبع سنة 1983 Within the previous.

Ibn Sina (Abu Ali Hussein bin Abdullah bin Sinai) (370-428E).

– القانون في الطب، وغيره من المؤلفات.

Ibn Al-Shater (Aladdin bin Ali bin Ibrahim Al Ansari, known restaurant) (704-777E).

– له الإسطرلاب (Design). – Quarter full knowledge of machine times legitimacy.

– الربع التام لمواقيت الإسلام. – الساعة الشمسية.

ابن عبد الظاهر (أبو الفضل محي الدين بن عبد الظاهر) (620-692E).

– تمائم الحمائم، كتاب عن الحمام الزاجل.

– الروضة البهية في خطط القاهرة المعزية (Imran).

I'm Koutaiba (Abdullah Bin Sulayem Aldeanora,) (213-276E).

– الأشربة، طبع في دمشق سنة 1366.

– عيون الأخبار، طبع سنة 1343هـ.

I'm Alkthby (Abu beauties Nasir al-Din Yusuf bin Ismail) He died in 754 AHFakih world. Its effects: – The difference between the suspected disease.

– ما لا يسع الطبيب جهله. Contains a lot of the jurisprudence of the environment.

I'm Leon (Abu Usman Saad bin Ahmad bin Ibrahim Altchibey) (671-750E): Writer, poet and scholar Andalusian.

– His creativity navigation and ending Alrjahh in the agriculture industry assets (St.).

I'm Mmana (Abu Makarim happiest bin courteous) (544-606E):

-Rules divans, printed Year 1943 (Ten doors in the geography of Egypt and cities نهرها and types of its territory and… And.. Etc.).

Ibn al-Mundhir (Abu Bakr ibn Badr aka Bitar Nadhara the) (He died in 741):

– له كتاب الناصري عن الخيول.

– معرفة أمراض الخيل (10) Articles.

Ibn al-Nafis (Aladdin Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Abi Ibn al-Nafis packets Qurashi) (He died in 678 AH): Famous doctor finder micro-circulation. Many effects in medicine and the other of which:

– التعليق على كتاب الأوبئة لأبقراط. – Contours of illness and causes disease.

– الشامل في الطب. – Explain the law to Ibn Sina. And other.

Ibn al-Haytham (Abu Ali ibn al-Hasan) S 4 e: Of Akaber mathematicians, physics and optics.

– رسالة في تنظيم مياه النيل. – Landscape. – Light.. His latest.

To son (Burhan al-Din Ibrahim bin to bin Taha al-Maqdisi) Died 960 AH.

– تحفة العبيد في ما ورد في الخيل والرماية والصيد.

This is the tip of the iceberg of compositions that Ahtutea Great Islamic Encyclopedia, difficult and prolonged monitoring.

* * *

Jhlan عدون) Some of the addresses received in my book authors flags Zaidi

(Arranged according to letters the names of the authors lexicon)

Ibrahim Althagafi, (D. 283 AH).

– كتاب الأشربة الصغير والكبير (R 67 / Flags).

Abu Zaid al-Balkhi (235-325E) Translation 83 P 112.

– كتاب صور الأقاليم الإسلامية. – Book of Virtues Balkh.

– كتاب القرود. – كتاب فضل صناعة الكتابة.

– كتاب ما يصح من أحكام النجوم. – كتاب القرابين والذبائح.

– كتاب مصالح الأبدان والأنفس يعرف بالمقالتين.

Imam Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Hamza: (D. 656 AH) (V 105, p 132).

– شرح أرجوزة الخيل، شرح بها أرجوزة والده الإمام عبد الله بن حمزة في الخيل واحتوى على فصول منها:

1- فيما رواه أهل التأريخ عن ابتداء خلق الخيل لمن ذللت.

2- ما يتعلق بها من الأحكام الشرعية والمسائل الفقهية.

3- رياضتها وأحكام لجمها وتربيتها.

And printed as (Arabian horse history the year 1979).

– جواب أسئلة عن تفضيل الأراضي.

Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Aldmda (1174-1224E) R 109 R 137.

– رسالة في حكم التنباك جزم فيها بتحريمه استناداً إلى شهادة إسكاره عند أول استعماله.

Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Baadani (Unknown).

– الرموز المستطابة في مكتوب الكيمياء والكتابة.

Ahmad Haimi (1073-1151E) P 159.

– حدائق التمام فيما جاء في الحمام (Printed). – Horse (St.).

Ahmed bin Mohammed teachers, He died in (1287E):

– الجوهر الفرد في مناظرة النرجس والورد (Message). -Debate between khat and coffee.

Imam Ahmad bin Yahya Matrudi (764-840E).

– عجائب الملكوت.

Hassan bin Ahmed bin Yacoub Al-Hamdani [280-360E].

– لسان اليمن وعالمها المدرج، ص 305-306.

– الإكليل، الموجود منه أربعة أجزاء فيه الكثير عن البيئة.

– صفة جزيرة العرب، كتاب شهير في الجغرافيا ووصف الأرض والإنسان.

– الجوهرتين العتيقتين البيضاء والصفراء، ذكر فيها صناعة التعدين وأتى فيه بما أدهش الباحثين والدارسين، وضمنه دراسة تفصيلية لكل المعادن المعروفة في عصره، كما أورد معلومات قيمة عن علاقة الكيمياء بالطب وتأثير الأبخرة والغازات المنبعثة أثناء عملية الطبخ والتعدين على مختلف أجزاء الجسم وطرق الوقاية والعلاج منها (Achieved and translated into German 1968 Swedish orientalist “Christopher”).

– الإبل، ذكره في مقدمة الجوهرتين. – Book in medicine.

– اليعسوب في آلات الحرب وفقه الصيد وحلاله وحرامه، ذكره في ج1 من الإكليل.

Hussein bin Ahmed bin Ahmad Alcciaga [1316-1410E] V 354, p 361.

– دليل الآثار اليمنية (Archaeological).

– قانون صنعاء في القرن الثاني عشر (One of his predecessors) Investigation.

Hussein bin Zaid الهبل, [S 11 e v].

– تحفة الطالب في تيسير النيرين وحركة الكواكب.

Hussein ibn Abi men died [1135E].

– المفاخرة بين الشمعة والسراج مقامة نشرت في كتاب مقامات من الأدب اليمني.

Zaid Almaada [S 12 e].

– تفضيل الكرم على النخيل (Poem answer them from several poets).

Salem bin booty [S 10 e].

– شفاء الأورام فيما يعرض للأجسام (Forty newly in medicine) (St.).

Said al-Ansi [1150-1211E]. Fakih him:

– ضوء النجوم في بحث التخوم (Book includes achieving the edge of the earth).

Shaaban Salim [1065-1149E].

– نتاج الفكر المعرب عن تفاضل الثمر، أرجوزة شعرية.

Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed bin Yahya Bahran [948-1010] Fakih world, development wells Saada laws, has:

– المختصر المفيد في معرفة ميزان السنة والنجوم وحلول الشمس (St.).

Abdul Qader Ahmed Alecoqbana [1135-1207E] His:

– رفع الاشتباه في أقسام المياه (Message).

Abdullah bin Hassan Al Qassimi [1307-1375E].

– بحث في خساسة التتن والتنباك والدخان.

Imam Abdullah bin Hamza Yemen [561-614E].

– أرجوزة في صفات الخيل وألوانها ونقوشها وأصولها، شرحها ولده أحمد، طبعت بعنوان (Arabian horse history).

Abdullah bin Mohammed Alngera, [825-877 E].

– كاشفة الغمة في تجادل النخلة والكرمة (Constructed literary).

Abdullah bin Hadi minister [D. 840 AH] His:

– تعداد المنازل، ذكر المنازل على اصطلاح أهل اليمن وذكر فيها ما يحدث في الجو ويصلح للزراعة وما إلى ذلك.

– وله شرح التذكرة في الفقه.

Imam Abdullah Sharaf al-Din [913-913E] His:

– الدراري المنسوقات في بواهر المخلوقات، أرجوزة (400) The first house manufacturer and description created, and then describe Sanaa unit, bulldozers and other.

Abdul broad الواسعي [1295-1379E] Faqih, a historian:

– جدول الأوقات في ذكر الأقدام والساعات.

– زهر الزهور في معرفة الساعات والشهور.

– كنز الثقات في معرفة الأوقات.

– السيف القاطع في الزجر عن شرب الدخان الشائع (St.).

Ali bin Abd al-Qadir al-Tabari [T. 1070 E].

– فوائد النيل بفضائل الخيل (St.).

Ali Tawashi [Unknown].

– الأسرار في معرفة الفلك الدوار (St.).

Ali Ali Sawwadi Alecoqbana [1267-1342 E].

– Book in medicine.

– كتاب في علم المساحة.

– كتاب النهي عن الملهيات من الدخان والقات.

Ali al-Ansi [T. 1239 AH].

– الروض الإقحواني في الشعير الزهواني (Comic message).

Qasim ibn Ishaq [T. 1165 E].

– حاشية على شرح أشكال التأسيس في الهندسة، تدل على إتقانه لهذا العلم وكذلك علم الهيئة والمنطق والطبعي.

Quraish Al-Muhanna [ت620هـ] Of a boy.

– كتاب فضل العقيق.

كوشيان jelly Abu Hassan [350E] Engineer astronomical world has:

– المدخل في صناعة أحكام النجوم.

– مجمل الأصول في أحكام النجوم (St.) Vatican.

– اللامع في أمثلة الزيج اللامع.

– الاصطرلاب.

– المقالة الأولى في حساب الأبواب من المقالات الأربع (ثمانية فصول على…. في علم النجوم) (St.) دار الكتب المصرية.

God's kindness Aldoara [1280-1340E].

– كتاب بلغة المقتات في علم الأوقات (Astronomical tables complement the agenda grandfather arrived in the year 1659 AH.

Majd al-Din ibn Muhammad ibn Mansur Almaada [1932-14] His:

– البلاغ الناهي عن الغناء وآلات الملاهي.

– بحث في البيع والشراء في الدم ونقل الأعضاء.

Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hajri [1307-1380E ].

– تأريخ مساجد صنعاء، طبع سنة 1361.

– معجم بلدان اليمن وقبائلها.

محمد بن أحمد بن عز الدين بن الحسن[ت ه 1053] اخترع الناظور وصنع البياض والمداد بصنعة مبتكرة, له:

– شرح قصيدة الهادي بن عز الدين في علم الفلك.

Mohammed Najrani [D. 603 AH] His:

– كتاب الموجز المعين على مساحة الأرضين.

– الرياض النفاحة في علم المساحة.

Mohammed bin Ahmed lubricated [T. 1182 e] His:

– تذكير العباد بإرسال آية الجراد (St.) Western Mosque of Sana'a.

– الدواء النافع فيما في الفصد والحجامة من المنافع.

– المنهل في آداب المنزل.

Mohammed Ismail Prince San'aani, [1099-1182E].

– بحث في (Modern people are partners in three) Printed in a book munitions scientists Yemen.

– العمارة في بيوت الأوقاف. – القول المقبول في فيضان الغيول والسيول.

– المفاخرة بين العنب والنخيل. – اليواقيت في المواقيت, (فلك).

محمد بن علي الشوكاني [1173-1250E] His:

– إتحاف المهرة في الكلام على حديث (Neither infection nor Tira).

– البحث المسفر في تحريم كل مسكر ومفتر.

– بحث في دم الخيل ودم ابن آدم وكونهما طاهران.

– القول المحرر في لبس المعصفر وسائر أنواع الأحمر.

– القول المقبول في فيضان الغيول والسيول.

– هداية القاضي إلى حكم تخوم الأراضي.

Mohammed bin Younis Zhev the, [D. 916 AH].

– شرح الصادح والباغم.

Mohamed Ben Mansour Moradi [D. 290 AH] His:

– كتاب الصيد والذبائح.

– كتاب صفة العصير والطلاء ومعرفة الأوزان.

– كتاب تحريم الأشربة والملاهي.

محمد بن موسى الخوارزمي [ت 232 ه] His:

– الزيج الأول والثاني.

– صورة الأرض من المدن والجبال (طبع كما في الإعلام للزركلي).

– عمل الاصطر لاب.

– وصف أفريقيا وهو جزء من كتابه رسم المعمور من البلاد.

– تقويم البلدان.

– كتاب الرخاصة.

نشوان بن سعيد الحميري [ت573هـ] His:

– أحكام صنعاء وزبيد.

– أرجوزة في معرفة الشهور الرومية.

– رسالة في علم النجوم والمنازل.

هادي الصرمي [ت1121هـ].

– شمس الأوان فيما تعاقب عليه الملوان (فلك).

Hashim bin Yahya al-Shami [1087-1158E] His:

– حل الشبه فيما يتعلق بالأشربة.

Yahya bin Al-Hussein Bin Qasim [1035-1100E] His:

– المستخرجات البينات على تحليل الأشياء المستعملات من القهوة والطباق والقات.

– منافع الأبدان في مداواة أمراض الإنسان.

Yahya Sharaf al-Din bin Shamsuddin [877-965 E] His:

– الرسالة المانعة من استعمال المحرمات الجامعة في علة التحريم بين الحشيشة والقات وغيرها من المسائل المسكرات.

– كتاب ما يجب أن يعيه الواعون في مسائل برك الطهور وذكر الطاعون.

Yahya bin Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Hussein al-Hassani [1114-1201E] His:

– كتاب في الطب، جمع فيه تجاربه ورتبه على حروف المعجم وذكر خواص كل ما تكلم عليه من النباتات والمعادن وغيرها.

James the son of Isaac, Canadian [T. 260 e] He wrote many of them:

– رسالة في الإبانة. -رسالة في الترقق في الصناعات.

– رسالة في قسمة القانون. – Message in the Food and Drug Administration deadly.

– رسالة في علة الجذام وما يشفيه. – Message in a dog bite.

– رسالة في أقسام الحميات. – رسالة في أجساد الحيوان إذا فتت.

– رسالة في الأبخرة المصلحة للجو من الوباء.

– Message in the healing medicine of noxious odors.

It has to astronomy In الجدليات, and psychologists and many others.. Including:

– رسالة في العلة التي تبرد على الجو وتسخن ما قرب من الأرض.

– رسالة في علة كون الضباب والأسباب المحدثة له.

– رسالة في أحداث الجو. – رسالة في أنواع الحجارة.

– رسالة في تمويج الغمام. – رسالة في أنواع النحل وكرائمه.

– رسالة في العطر. – رسالة في الحشرات.

– رسالة في الزلازل والخسوف وغيره.

يوسف الكوكباني [ت 116 ه].

– طوق الصادح المفصل بجواهر البيان الواضح، جمع فيه ما قيل من أشعار في الحمام مع تراجم أصحابها.

* * *

D) Some of what they found of workbooks addresses in the environment and the universe and objects (From other sources):

Alguenua-sufficiency, (1/ 53)

Damascene: Is Shams al-Din Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abi Talib Ansari mystic known as Sheikh Knoll was born in 654 AH and died Besvd in the land of Palestine years 728 E 1326 m has book in Alqosmogravea, took care of nature mark Frayn and Mehrn mark in Petersburg in 1866 and named: Elite forever in the wonders of land and sea.

Caspian: Zakaria bin Mohammed bin Mahmoud al-Qazwini relative to the city of Qazvin in Iraq, Al-Ajmi, who died in 682 Hsna 1283 AD, author of the effects of the country and news subjects which in Alqosmogravea took care of nature mark and Ostnfeld the city of Göttingen in the 2 1848 m, and Ghzvini also book “Wonders of creation in the description of the universe” طبع منه ترجمة فارسية سنة 1264هـ على البلاطة أي على الحجر متقنة الطبع في مدينة طهران مع أشكال أي صور وجمع أيضا كتاب عجائب المخلوقات عربيا في غوتنغن سنة 1849م باعتناء العلامة ووستنفلد، وأيضا في القاهرة سنة 1305هـ بهامش حياة الحيوان الكبرى للدميري، والفصل منه في شهور الروم وهو بالحقيقة نتيجة سريانية إنما هو مأخوذ من عجائب المخلوقات، وقد طبع على حدته مع ترجمة وشروح لاتينية في مدينة لايبسك سنة 1859م باعتناء الطالب للعلم الأديب وليم فولك.. The names of the books, (1/ 194)

Asma'i: Abu Saeed Abdul Malik bin nearby bin Abdul Malik bin Ali bin unanimously disinfectant was born in the year twenty-two and one hundred likely to say

It has: كتاب الخيل وكتاب الإبل وكتاب الماء وكتاب الأخبية، وكتاب الوحوش كتاب النبات. The names of the books, (1/ 224)

Abu Hanifa Aldeanora a Ahmad Bin Dawood Abu Hanifa Aldeanora the: It Tassanifa:

– Book Plant. -Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (3/ 99)

– Wonders impressed a group containing the properties of plants and animals Turkish

لمحمود ابن القاضي (Judge) Manyas turkey Hanafi cost of Sultan Murad II:

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (3/ 395)

غوصة hospitality in Botany: Taqi al-Din al-Nashiri

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions - (3/ 468)

الدرر اللوامع في النبات وما فيها من المنافع في الطب.

لمحمد بن عمر بن سليمان التونسي فرغ منه سنة 1256Printed.

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (3/ 585)

The spirit of the statement in the properties of plants and animals.

للسيد محمد بن خليل الطرابلسي المعروف بالقاوقجي:

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (4/ 342). Catalog, (1/ 107)

Book and plant trees, Book camels.

To the son of Jacob, son of Isaac skeet.

Book camels, Plant and Book: Abu Hisham bin Ibrahim al-Kirmani Kufi grammar. Catalog, (1/ 81)

Abu Zeid named Said ibn Aws al-Ansari: Book camels and Shah, And writers rain, Book of the creation of man, Book and plant trees, Dates and Book, Water and Book, Book monsters, And a book describing the sheep. Catalog, (1/ 82)

Asma'i: It has books: Book of the creation of man, The book created Persians, Horse and Book,And camels book, Shah and Book, Book monsters, Bee Book, And Book and plant trees, Water and Book. Catalog, (1/ 103)

القاسم بن معن بن عبد الرحمن بن عبد الله بن مسعود:

Book adversity, And sieving recipe book, The recipe book transplant, Horse and Book, Plant and Book, The book undergrowth and البقل. Catalog, (1/ 105)

Hisham bin Ibrahim al-Kirmani:

It has books: Book insects, Book Monster, Horse and create a book, Plant and Book.

Catalog, (1/ 117)

Diabetes Abu Saeed Hassan bin Hussein bin Abdullah bin Abdul-Rahman bin Ala has diabetes books: Monsters exist in the book authored, Plant and Book.

Sour Abu Musa Suleiman bin Mohammed bin Ahmed sour sour:

It has books: Book of the creation of man, Plant and Book, Book monsters. Catalog, (1/ 155)

Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Habib Ben illiteracy bin Amr: It has: Horse Book Bin Kufi handwriting, Plant and Book. Catalog, (1/ 498)

Abu Abdullah Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Kufi: Book Plant, Book of Stones, And the book Animal, The second book animal,Book mud, Salt and Book, The greatest book stone right, And Book of Nature, Book trees. I'm good indexing Seville, (1/ 336)

Book Plant: Abu Obeid al-Bakri: Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 215)

Sijistani: Sahl bin Mohammed bin Osman bin increases Alhacma of Imam visual Abu Hatem Sijistani, died in 250, and was told the year 248 AH: His classifications:

Book camels, Book locusts, The Book of heat and cold and the sun, Book insects, Planting and Book, The bird book, Water and Book, And Book and plant trees, Book bees and honey, Palm and Book, Book monsters. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 450)

I'm A'raabi: Muhammad ibn Ziyad Kufi Baghdadi known son Bedouin Abu Abdullah died in linguistic 231.

His books: Horse Book, And Thiyabi book, Horse and recipe book, Recipe book transplant, Plant and Book, The book ratios horse. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 489)

Almagay: Mohammed bin Muammar Abu Abdullah Almagay the language of objects Malaga was Mtfnna in the various sciences and language often it died a year later 524 Twenty-four and five hundred. His:

Explanation of the plant to book Abu Hanifa Aldeanora in sixty part.

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (4/ 305)

Book camels, Hafez Abu al-Qasim Muhammad bin Abdul Wahid bin Ibrahim bin Moufarrej Ghaafiqi Andalusian navigational Granadan d. 619. Catalog, (1/ 123)

Tragically, the tragic Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abdullah received visual fox writer and took him and the others, and was a poet and has a poem he calls Shiite Balochaabah praising the Graduate u and between him and Abu Bakr bin Duraid Mhajah,. It has books: Book of the trees and plants. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 25)

Reus: Ahmad ibn Hatim Abu Nasr Garmite Baghdadi died in 231 AH. Class:

Book camels, Book locusts, Horse and Book, Book implant and the Nile, The Book of the trees and plants, The bird book, And Book-Banna and milk. Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (4/ 293)

Horse Book: Abu Amr Kulthum ibn Amr Zebra.

Horse Book: Dad the Amr ibn كركرة owner Bedouin visual.

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (4/ 294)

Horse Book: Abu Fadl Abbas ibn Faraj Rayashi died in 257 AH.

Horse Book: Abu Mohammed Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Aaron distribution d. 238 AH.

Horse Book: Amr ibn Abi Amr Isaac Ben Marar Shibani.

Horse Book: Judge Ahmed bin Mohammed Zaidi Haimi right.

Little Horse Book: Ibn Duraid Muhammad ibn al-Hasan, who died in 321 AH.

Book great horse: Ibn Duraid also. Catalog, (1/ 69).

Horse Book: Dad Mhelm Shibani and named Mohammed bin Saad. Catalog, (1/ 79).

Abu Obeida Muammar bin Muthanna Taymi: His: Horse Book, Book camels, Dental and Book, The book bucklers, Planting and Book. Catalog, (1/ 85)

Revolutionary Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Harun: It has books: Book horse and preceded and Onsabha by, Hiadtha and Grtha and Odmarha and attributed to his horse. Catalog, (1/ 86)

Abu al-Fadl Abbas bin Faraj Molly Mohammed bin Suleiman bin Ali Al Hashimi: It has books: Horse Book,Book camels. Catalog, (1/ 115)

Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Muslim bin Koutaiba kufi birth but called Aldeanora; Because he was a judge Aldeanor: His: Book Persians Forty-six Papa, Book camels sixteen Pope, Book wind Thirty-one Papa, And Book of wild animals and monsters seventeen Pope, Door vermin fourteen Pope. Catalog, (1/ 118).

Ibrahim bin Mohammed bin Saâdane bin Mubarak. It has books: Horse Book. Catalog, (1/ 119).

Abu Abdullah Khawlaani bin Mehroah: It has books: Horse Book. Catalog, (1/ 140)

Hisham bin Mohammed bin السايب-Kalbi: His: Horse Book. Catalog, (1/ 166)

Judge which is Abu Al-Hussein Omar ibn al-Hasan ibn owner of the Al Shaibani: It has books: A book the killing of Zaid bin Ali, Horse and Book. Catalog, (1/ 176)

Threshold Abu 'Abd-Rahman Muhammad ibn' Abd al--Allaah ibn Amr ibn al-Mu'aawiyah ibn al-'Amr ibn al-the threshold of ibn Abi Sufyan optical. It has books: Horse Book. Catalog, (1/ 209)

Abu al-Fadl Ahmed ibn Abi Taher: His: Book great horse. Revealed misgivings, (2/ 1417).

Horse Book, Mohammed Radwan deceased: Year 657. Dictionary of Authors, (5/ 55).

Amer bin Imran ibn Ziyad Dabbi (Abu Sabri) Grammar, syntax, narrator, of the people of the mystery of the opinion. Its effects: Horse book, The Book of camels and sheep. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 1).

Horse Book.

Aljosjani: Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Yaqub ibn Ishaq al-Saadi Hafez a Damascus died in 259 AH. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 35)

Wire: Ahmad ibn Abi Abdullah Mohammed bin Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Ibn Mohammed Abu Jaafar wire from the scholars of Shia originally from Kufa grandfather traveled to tenderly He was born and raised them died in 376. His: Horse Book. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 216)

Sohail “Minimize” Bin Ahmed bin easy Alrionda the Hafiz Abu Saeed Alnisabure updated d. 350. Tassanifa: Horse Book. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 227)

Rayashi: Abbas bin Faraj Riyadh, the Abu al-Fadl visual linguistic dead died in 257 AH.

His: Book camels,Horse and Book. Alguenua-sufficiency, (1/ 52)

Zamakhshari: D. 538 AH 1144 AD His lexicon any geographical dictionary named: Book mountains and water places and printed in Leiden in 1856 AD. Catalog, (1/ 365)

Ahmed Ben Taieb is Abu Abbas Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Marwan Sarkhasi, who belongs to the Canadian: His: Book the benefit of the mountains. Dictionary of Authors, (1/ 134)

Ahmed bin Ibrahim bin Ismail, the son of David Ben Hamadoun Tusi, Author, Nadeem (Abu Abdullah) Linguist. From his: Book in the names of mountains and water and medicines. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 219)

Heravi: Abu Omar fennel bin Hamadoun Alnehrua, linguistic died within the year 225. His: Book mountains and valleys. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 350).

Aziz ibn al-Fadl bin Faddaalah ibn Mkhariq Ibn Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah known Son Mkhariq the Abu Cos Hudhali Baghdadi: His books: Mountains and valleys recipes. Gift knowledgeable, (1/ 479).

I'm Alheitm: Mohammed bin Hassan bin Alheitm, philosopher Abu Ali Basri was a scholar in mathematics, medicine and philosophy go to Egypt and died in the year 430 AH limits. Tassanifa: Extraction columns mountains. Gift knowledgeable, (2/ 205)

I'm included visual: Hafez Abu Hassan succulent bin Shamil bin tooth bin Yazid bin Kulthum Tamimi Almaz in Basra writer grammar from Taabi'i follower judge Bmarw the deceased and their world by the year 204. Class of books: Create opportunities, The Book of the sun and the moon, The book contains several books qualities: The first in the creation of human generosity and women recipes. Second in Alokhbayh and houses and workmanship mountains and coral. Third in the fourth camels in the sheep and the birds and the sun and the moon and the night and the day and dairy , Alkmat and wells , Alehiad and الأرشية Aldlasfh wine. Fifth in planting the vineyard and grapes and the names of pulses, trees, wind, clouds and rain. Revealed misgivings, (2/ 1453)

Book universe and corruption مقالتان to Aristotle summed up: Judge-term: Abu al-Walid Ibn Rushd al-Maliki Andalusian. Gift knowledgeable, (2/ 192)

Dabbi: Abu Talib favorite ibn Salamah bin Asim loss Kufi language writer who died in Baghdad Year 290. Class of books: Book adversity, And Book planting and plant and palm tree species. Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (4/ 305). Book a sheep: Abizaid Said ibn Aws al-Ansari visual. In modern literature and sciences in the republican era in Turkey, (1/ 22).

Environment in the Sunnah, Younis Majid, Samsun, 1997, 182 pp.. Ph.D. thesis.

Index Library Mostafa with links, (1/ 320)

Environment and Islamic dimensionFuad Abdul Latif Sartawi.

Index Library Mostafa with links, (2/ 218)

Vision of the Islamic religion in preserving the environment, Abdallah Shehata.

Index Library Mostafa with links, (2/ 290)

Caring for the environment in the law of Islam, Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Index poetic encyclopedia poets, (1/ 221)

Ahmed bin Majid bin Mohammed al-Saadi Shahabuddin teacher, sea lion, Ibn Abi Alrkaúb,

Said to him (Majid tourist), Of the senior captains Arabs in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Berbers and the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Benjalh China Sea; scientists and the art of navigation and history of the Arabs.

Class books, including: (Interest in the assets aware of the sea and the rules - i) And Orjosp called (Shortcut in the container assets of oceanography - x) And(الأرجوزة السبعية-ط) And(Hindi poem called - i) And(Anchors on the western coast of India) And other messages. Dictionary of Authors, (8/ 28).

Isa ibn Abd al-Wahhab Peregrine: Kuwaiti captain, Aref in marine science and travel. He died in Muscat after the year 1350 AH.

Its effects: Radd directory in marine science in the vernacular Kuwait proved the distances and depths and coral reefs on the coast of the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea and the shores of Africa and India.

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (4/ 265).

كتاب الأرض والمياه والجبال والبحار: The Abu Osman monkey bin Mubarak blind grammar d. 220 AH.

Note Webmasters in the tail to detect suspicions, (4/ 261).

Book camels: For Abu Ziad over bin Abdullah bin free hamate died in 200 AH. Book camels: Nasr ibn Yusuf Kufi owner Alexaii. Book camels: Tolerant to Abu A'raabi. Catalog, (1/ 142)

Hisham bin Mohammed bin السايب-Kalbi: Book dividing earths, Book rivers and their properties and what they Wonderland and the mountains.

D. Abdullah bin Omar Alsuhaibani.

Abdul Rahman Bin Ali (I'm Aldepa Shibani) (942).

– كتاب منكرات الشوارع (In which he stated position cylinders and Aldakkak and directed الروشن and suites , connecting animals on the road, and its market with thorns and firewood so torn clothes of people , put garbage on the road , spray water so afraid of him gliding , sending water from the Gutters on the road narrow, and throwing ice and water and dirt in the road, ).

– بغية الإربة في معرفة أحكام الحسبة. I'm beautiful Rifai i 1 Year 1423.

-Environmental jurisprudence in Islam, forIbrahim Ali Hassan, copper. Conference renewal in Islamic thought. Publishing The Ministry of Awqaf, Cairo, 2001, Number 14P. Environmental provisions in Islamic jurisprudence.

[1]) Al-Hashr: 9.

[2]) Environmental jurisprudence in Islam: D / Copper Ibrahim Ali Hassan, Egypt (Online, the site of).

[3]) Jurisprudence of the environment: Mr. Ayatollah Mohammad Shirazi, a book published in a number of Internet sites.

[4]) Surat الجاثية:13.

[5]) Hud: 61.

[6]) Sura Luqman:19.

* ندوة تطور العلوم الفقهية فِي عمان “ الفقه الحضاري، فقه العمران”

Held during the period: (18-21) April 1431 / (3-6) April 2010:

Oman- The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

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