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Rights jurisprudence in the Islamic Heritage

Jurisprudence rights in the Islamic heritage *

Rooting and introspection term vision

Preparation: D. Faisal Abdul Salam Alhvian

(Program Coordinator Institute of Arabic manuscripts Cairo)

Linguistic mulch:

Not for linguistic root (Jurisprudence) Only one meaning in Arabic, is what is expressed per Ibn Faris originally, and revolves around (Perception thing, Scientific).

Fiqh So th e: And business acumen and understanding of science firing, then became a note on the flag, which handles Halal and Haram, go out if they fired him alone, do not rotate with another flag. And one of the most important science of the Islamic religion, and the Muslims a great product, no Toizihm other nation, and may use an alternative to the word (Science), And was told, for example,: Arab jurisprudence, and they wanted: Arabic flag, and the jurisprudence of the body, and they wanted: Science body.

And(Man) In Arabic is taken in the opinion of a large team of linguists Arabs of mankind, unlike solitude, he Yanes otherwise, and loves meeting and mankind concept moral, linked souls or spirits, not Balojdzisad, and meeting concept voluptuous, but can not be achieved in a positive way unless it is based on (Mankind and meeting) To a single source.

This flash linguistic approach to verbal (Jurisprudence) And(Man) Deliberate intent. The find confirms that the extension of the word which comes.


Rooting term

1: Terminological context:

Recent decades have witnessed the spread of many structures contained, not least because of the seminar in which we Rahabha. This reminds us of another word frequency (Culture) Who also frequented heavily banner, a culture of peace, culture of freedom, even at the level of heritage: Culture of the investigator, the indexer.. Rather it appeared compositions utter (Jurisprudence) Science warheads, as is the case in the science specialist Halal and Haram, as well as with (Rights jurisprudence) It is not a note on the science, and it is not possible to consider it as a k «Anthropology» who is studying human as it relates to its achievements, or mean it as a creature socially, and studying phenomena social life humanity without specifying Zamani or where I am, and then the jurisprudence rights even . Therefore it may not find a book titled (Rights jurisprudence) Even his appearance is still visible timidly, and blasted certain limited contexts of religious studies and research, among some researchers concerned with the Islamic, especially in the area of ​​advocacy.

The term candidate in appreciation for a strong presence in the near future, but the most important question, is: Why emerged in recent years, and what are the contexts objectivity that prompted him to look today would?

2: Thematic context:

Man is the cause of creation, and the axis of the universe, God has scoffed at everything, it is not greater than a creature, and in spite of his mistakes and contradictions, disobedience and rebellion.

The reason for this is the place to two: First: Those precious jewel that God granted him, The advantage of all three races of the creatures that we know: Animal, plant, and inanimate objects. We mean the mind.

The second: Freedom, freedom of choice, and the consequent responsibility, and this feature is also great for creation (Angels) Did not rotate in what we know but the jinn, a creation that meets with mankind in freedom and responsibility, and meet with angels that he was buried, we do not see them all.

The term human jurisprudence acquire importance and luster of direct association with humans in its comprehensiveness and his college itself and its relationship to himself and those around him, and balconies.

What man lived days on earth but they had a problem, and over time when only the wars, and never absent from the scene image of the oppressor and the oppressed.

Man has killed (Cain) Very early brother (Abel) Malice and greed, and puzzled at the time how dirt Iuarih, he received the first lesson in his life of another creature (Unthinking) Crow, and buried his brother, but he did not learn of his sin, and remained kills every day.

Throughout history God sent prophets and messengers to evaluate the human curvature, and taking his hand to the right path, team Farauy, and Sidr majority in canceled. In many cases, you can not divine religions have something to do with this creature Allgäu, not Tqo calls for reform to put an end to his.

If a person has been killed in a very time immemorial one, it in the last century killed hundreds of thousands in a single moment (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) In the new century (St Century) Which is still at the beginning, you see the spark wars everywhere in his world, and reap millions.

The wars of today is not that we only know. And all the wars and murder weapon old widened spaces murder, and became numbers in the thousands or millions. The other wars (Demilitarized) Not as serious as those wars and victims of the poor economy, the wars of the meeting and marginalized victims, and victims of wars thought isolated Almenkvion themselves, and within their own lives.

It became known that these wars demilitarized (In particular cultural and religious) Will change the world, and many are betting that it has to be winning the battle, in favor of a particular culture, and a global system (New) Which called for and incite the theory of clash of civilizations (Huntington), Or Tscservh confiscated the future for which the theory of the end of history (Fukuyama).

Man lives today in the era of highly complex, and the problems turned into a crisis, and the differences become major conflicts, both at the level of small social units (Families and neighbors, teams and communities), Or at the level of large political units (States) The hero is never human, and the victim is also human and other creatures of God.

The world today also said a small village, but not the village that know, Bhumaimatha and interdependence and simplicity, the world / village: A village in terms of speed of movement, means of communication, shortening of time, etc., but it is too big to imagine whether we measured things by the standards of differences, suspicions, anxieties, and practices at the level of ideas, concepts and visions, and also on the level of dealing on the ground. History and its deep implications on division and impact and corruption, but the destruction of the interior, and evidence of the second of the wars that exist everywhere on the surface of the globe,ar.

3: Different concept:

If the term itself is the bestselling, the concept is still cloudy. Seems that the term needs to the accumulation of time and knowledge, even broadcasting pronunciation, and mature concept, we should be mindful that the publicity and maturity does not mean agreement on a single concept, there is no doubt that we will see more of a concept, may recede some, or down in favor of other, perhaps .

Whatever the structure of human jurisprudence but respond when given in religious contexts do not go out for two: Hull itself or religiosity, and advocacy.

In the first context head to look at view of man himself to himself, and set them, and oversight of the movement, in relation thereon religious, and reservists do not even located in sin, and prevent the temptations of this world, and drifting behind, Veptad about religion, and weaken it relates to his Creator.

In this context the second open meaning a speech outside of this man, and means through which achieved goodness, and vision of goodness here also open, Vasalah Salah worldly and pension, and Salah religion, or hereafter, just as Saladin or hereafter very, the Salah world and pension .

First context stems out of a religious sincere, but his speech is mainly geared to the Muslim, not only that, but narrows cycle of debt to be a focus on the element of faith, any relationship between man and his creator, what purpose only aware of a Muslim in his heart which is replaced faith, and thus out (Any heart and religion) One, as the second (Religion) Replaced in the first (Heart), And if this trend recalls the Hadith near sense «not in the flesh to chew if repaired Magistrate whole body, and if is corrupt the whole body, namely the heart».

In this context, we narrow look at the human, that spirit only, Sometimes only the spiritual Mhgleth: Faith, Salah and knowledge of human creator and following the example of the righteous…

As we lose sight of that religion (Islam) The same minimum confirms the issue in human life and makes him the successor of God on earth, and holds the secretariat of its architecture, and Quranic texts known.

The context second, the perception which the human more balanced combines a religion and Salah minimum, Vvgah rights jurisprudence thinking, and problems psychological, social, and most important of these jurisprudence how to access it via sounding his intellectual and Noazaah and motives, leading to convince him means out of the crises, to be .

This comprehensive and balanced view and deep, not abbreviating the term does not confiscate prospects of the meanings of his words. Therefore, we reckon that the future of this concept, because it is likely more than one: Openness to the human hand as a human being before belonging to a religion or direction, or thought, or doctrine, and the goals that are supposed to pursue them, and the term itself, I mean verbal installed.

The jurisprudence rights if they were inherently term, and achieved time accumulation of knowledge transformation into a knowledge of the subject and issues, should employ different elements from different sciences, can refer to it in a hurry:

– النصّ الموحى به: Quran and the Sunnah are correct, especially as it relates to the vision contained in this text to man, both at the level of statement Noazaah and trends, or on the level of his approach.

– فهم السلف من العلماء والصالحين وأرباب القلوب للنصّ، وما كتبوه في ما يخصّ الإنسان.

– علوم التراث المرتبطة بالإنسان، ونعني علوم النفس والاجتماع بل وعلوم الجسد.

– علوم النفس والاجتماع والإعلام الحديثة، وبخاصة في مقولاتها التي تنسجم مع الرؤية الإسلامية للإنسان.

This can be a real human jurisprudence jurisprudence, Fatass science, and come out this noble creature out of its crisis.

-2 –

Introspection vision

We are not with those who look at the Koran and the year as a heritage, a clear difference between them, at the same time we can not turn a blind eye to the Qur'anic vision taking place in the Islamic Heritage bloodstream in the human body.

The most important vocabulary this vision and elements they consider to humans in terms of is a human being, I mean they are dealing with an abstract of any other capacity, whether related to religion or were not, they are talking about and are talking and call him in many verses, and incidentally it was stated Koran rights (Single genus name) 56 Once, and said a crowd (Name collection) (People) 241Once, so its connotations, which are well known, the first and the most likely to human (Adam) Maqsood this vision and goal (Before that the dress she wore faith) This is evidenced by that Makram of God itself explicitly verse as the son of Adam, and regardless of being Muslim or non-Muslim), and have honored the sons of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them with good things and favored them above many of those who created favorable (([1]). Pregnancy: Is to harness the creatures of God's creatures (Land and Sea) Including two and them to this man, and not land, sea and alone, but there are many creatures preferred God I'm Adam. It is true that the Koran wants to move the son of Adam to slavery to God Almighty and his delivery, but honored as I saw it before achieving shift.

The issue of pre-classification or distinction between the sons of Adam is out of the question, on the other visions being confiscated (Heavenly or human) Rights before they are talking often. Then ponder the many verses that talked about rights, understands force of this vision in mental dissection shades, and diagnostic tools, this man is weak, and his weakness is not an emergency, but is at the origin of creation) and man was created weak (([2]), Which calves) and human calves (([3]), But the creation of the wheel) created man from a calf (([4]), And KFOR masquerading blessing Vensaha and Agehdha) man was ungrateful (([5])Even the Koran to marvel at the infidels) killed human what Okverh (([6]), And Anath that Knud) The man of God to Knud (([7]), And therefore corresponds grace Efran) If regained the rights to introduce and distanced beside (([8]), A coward to end panic, fly his heart shuddering which may fall ill) The human created Hluaa (([9]), That creature suffers from kufr and ignorance weakness and Hala and cheese.. Etc., is in permanent liver) We created man in the liver (([10]), Who is also stingy in the highest degree of avarice) was rights Qtura (([11]), Which is to these sorts of controversial arrogant, does not recognize the right) and the human most controversial thing (([12]), Is ignorant, but ignorance, even if what works and help him. The Koran associate between my reality ignorance, injustice, indicating that ignorance was hurt in the darkness, or stems, there is no difference) It was Unjust and Foolish (([13]).

To sum it all: That God alone who created, is that this man knows the ills, the bulk of them and small) has created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul itself (([14]). If the Quranic vision is the vision of the Creator, we realized the extent of the risk of this vision in his understanding of two ways: Jurisprudence of the disease, and the jurisprudence of the drug, at the same time, the disease that I have seen, which is certainly reflected on the disease the same rights, and the children of sex, and the universe around him. If the disease vulnerable and wheel and disbelief and panic, meanest and controversy and ignorance and injustice, the Koran warned him of himself and desires and Osusatha, and gesture to the devil and his hostility, and confirmed his choice and responsibility, and it was mentioned condition before to be something, and after that God created, then what was to become of after ending his life.


Heritage reflection

Stabilized in the consciousness of Muslims that vision Quranic, and made serious attempts to understand, analyze and studied, and understand properly rights which, as demonstrated by the first reflected in perceptions conscious combination complex for him, and the need to achieve a balance between them, was that cursed his body, and himself, and his mind.

Cursed his body so that no disease (Organic) The spread in their books terminology in this direction, including maintaining good health, which is equal to the day of Preventive Medicine, and cursed himself to distance him from the disease (Psychological) Also, over Foawa link between body and soul and exchanged influence health and disease, and cursed his mind; as is the focus of the mandate, and they wrote all of the.

The science of medicine fruit care with his body, and was psychology fruit care himself, and the door in this science and wide, we have books many fall under the headings of asceticism and mysticism, ethics and wisdom, etc., and see echoes speech in mind when Muslim scholars; scholars and Mohaddessin and speakers and philosophers: Ahmad ibn Hanbal and accounting Tamimi, Mawardi and Ibn al and others, has authored Harith bin Asad independent accounting books in (The nature of the mind and the fact means) And to introduce him in his books, including (Understanding the Qur'an) And built around the theory, there is the mind of instinct, and understand the mind, the mind of insight, and Agulwn has four teams: Task Aklt Votaat, and the Task Aklt then Gehdt arrogance, and the Task Aklt then overwhelmed Fmat, and the Task Aklt but disobeyed and missed, the first varying in the degree of her mind, the mismatch of the feared God, including one who fears him and met in his heart certainty and religion, this whole mind, and the mind evidence: Apparent eyewitnesses, omnipotent news and the way it works evoke and collection, and a thousand Canadian message in mind, and Ghazali talked about the mind in his books, including: Standard science… Etc..

Regardless of the angles that each team through the mind, this interest indicates the status of this main ingredient for a person in the Islamic Heritage.

The jurisprudence rights in Heritage find in those books that fall from the face under the flag of Medicine, and singled those books and topics that relate to save his health, and we have a series of books in this direction, as we find in those books and topics that relate to the extent of expression heritage interests selves .

* * *

The jurisprudence rights is that brings us eventually to his dignity, rights, and the sanctity, away from discrimination and classification and valuation, although jurisprudence rights for himself and consciousness by the sponsor corrects his behavior and his vision for the last and presence around him, which ends to resolve the problem of the era in which .

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* ندوة تطور العلوم الفقهية فِي عمان “ الفقه الحضاري، فقه العمران”

Held during the period: (18-21) April 1431 / (3-6) April 2010:

Oman- The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

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