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Renewal idiosyncratic when Abu Nabhan Kharusi

Renewal idiosyncratic when Abu Nabhan Kharusi *

(And: 1147E – T.: 1237E)

Preparation: D. Mubarak bin Abdullah al-Rashidi

(Professor of law at the Faculty of Law at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)


Praise God honor of science and scientists even became a beacon for people, edema ignorance and his family to show the right and eliminates confusion, and prayers and peace be upon our master human Mohammed teacher and Hadiha to the straight path of Allah, and upon his family and companions vanity in Miami.


As though Fortunately, I received an invitation from the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs to participate in the (Seminar jurisprudence of calamity) Why not try for something of jurisprudence brand inspiring: «Abu Nabhan Jaad bin Thu Kharousi - God's mercy -.

I chose to be a research entitled: «Doctrinal renewal at Abu Nabhan Kharusi to participate in this seminar blessed, The call came late, I do not pretend that this research has gained depth required, not up to scientific research Avenue, but what serious by the time and had its chance in a few days, and excuse it; فالعذر required of the people of this matter, has made this research :

The first topic: Abu Nabhan life and jurisprudential position.

The second topic: Models of Ajthadath in the Koran schools and education.

The third topic: Models of Ajthadath in terms of animal and bird.

The conclusion: They show search results.

The God of the intent behind and to the Straight Path.

The first topic:

حياةُ أبي نبهان ومكانته الفقهية

First: Lineage and upbringing

Is large ink mark Sheikh Abu Nabhan Jaad bin Khamis bin Mubarak bin Yahya Kharusi, attributed to, Chari Khros bin bin Alihamd Azd of Yemen, and said to him: Khalili; confluence in Imam Khalil bin Abdullah, who is credited with Al-Khalil in Amman([1]) Rather([2]).

Ould Cheikh in the upper town of Wadi Bani Khros year 1147 AH / 1735 AD, according to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Khusaibi([3]), And known among Omani scholars of his time with Sheikh President, perhaps the reference is in the advisory opinion, and he is also nicknamed Abu Nabhan, one of his sons.

Sheikh broke out in the town and grew up between the arms of of generous Aatnaa their parents and overseen the upbringing of good education, and learn there Quran and Arabic Sciences.

Then left-Sheikh to town Alahjar of the valley to mark his time Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed bin Saeed Alkdma, Vlazemh and studied him language arts Arab Kalnho, drainage and eloquence and poetry, and took with him the explanation, where he was Sheikh Canadian well versed in the interpretation of the Koran, and to take when talking and jurisprudence and Sir history .

Then the Sheikh Jaad moved to Nizwa haunted Sheikh worlds: Hilal bin Abdullah bin Masood infections Alenzuana, and I think the people of Bahla in terms of origin, and Habib Ben Salem Alombusaidy Alenzue who told him I'm Rizieq of known: “I know the people of his time, and I meant delegations matters of every country in Amman”([4])

Sailing Sheikh in science until he became the argument of his time in science and opinion, and was eager to read the effects of Ancestors of Omanis, especially jurisprudence Sheikh Abu Saeed Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi - God's mercy- He was admired greatly admired, the abundance of his understanding stated in his writings, and urged people to read effects, and follow the approach of imitators Omanis and considered argument in religion([5]).

Qualities and morals:

Characterized Sheikh - God's mercy- Good manners, and open-mindedness, and a good meeting for those who come to him and his students many advice for asylum science, he has style education Badi what unspeakable, is not afraid of God to anybody as long, nor يهادن to stand on the right, do not die mosque after dawn prayers to pray Duha([6]).

Innovation in religion fought along old, will not accept Qiblah Ptharik people, but tells them: Disbelievers Kafr grace and they are evil, especially those who charge of the Jews and Christians from Muslims, has frequently and strongly warned of sedition and intellectual glides, and was demonstrating students of science and scientists and all readers to read Sir advances.

He wrote, addressing the Omani public in a letter addressed to the people of Oman public reading: “وقد نزل بكم من هذه الفتنة العمياء والداهية الدهياء ما قد بان ضرره فيمن دنا منه، فأصابه شرره، فلم أسرعتم الوثبة إليه، زهدا في الذي كنتم عليه، وبه النجاة ولا شك؛ لأَنَّهُ العروة الوثقى والحبل المتين من ربكم، فإن تكونوا في ريبة من إفك من يقول على الله كذبا فدان في أهل الإقرار بالشرك، فاقرؤوا رسالة المهنا بن جيفر، وما دوَّنه خلف بن زياد في سيرته، وانظروا إلى ما أرسل به مَحبوب من الرحيل إلى عمان في أمر هارون بن اليمان، حين زلَّ وأبى أن يرجع فضلَّ، وما لغيرهما من السير مثل أبي الحواري وأبي قحطان وأبي المؤثر، لعسى أن تجدوا ما قد أثبتوه وأثروه على الأَوَّلين، هذا يتم لمن في زمانهم، ولمن يأتي بعدهم في الآخرين”([7]).

إن هذه الفقرة التي نقلناها تكون مثالا على تشديده على من يعتقد تشريك أهل القبلة وهو الْـحَقّ الذي لا مرية فيه، وكان الشيخ بشدة ألفاظه هذه في السيرة يريد أن يوقف الناس عن التشبه بالخوارج الذين شرَّكوا أهل القبلة، واستحلوا دماءهم وأموالهم، وتلك بدعة كبرى في الدين، وأمر الناس بالرجوع إلى آثار السلف في هذا الجانب، إذ وقفوا وقفة رجل واحد حين ظهرت هذه البدعة فبقيت تلك الآثار تضيء نورا لِمن في زمانهم في القرنين الثاني والثالث الهجريين، ولمن يأتي بعدهم إلى أن يرث الله الأرض ومن عليها.

Sheikh away from whims world Bmdakhlha and exits, away from the world and the wreckage takes them in his own language, not paying any attention to مباهجها and زهرتها it has been ascetics where, wishing them to other, no closer than princes and rulers, but was Anasahhm and exhort account including the them from the people ([8]).

Secondly: His scientific position:

Famous mark Sheikh Abu Nabhan senior scientific prestige in general, and especially jurisprudence, it was the world of his time, has outclass in science peers, and witnessed by him who came after him, said his Shaykh Said bin Ahmed Al-Kindi Sphincter: “I dunk in science and understanding”([9]), Said Sheikh contemporary brand to Abu Nabhan Amer al-Abadi is stated: “The Kvana evidence approach and a way of wire Bhali Dar safety, and the shrine of dignity, the rest to this day in repeated his and our time, Sheikh Abu Nabhan Jaad bin Khamis Kharusi Alaliani, which Imam to the people of Justice of the religion of Islam in this country and these days, a role model for those who came after him …” Etc. What he said([10]). Said him mark Saeed bin Khalfan al-Khalili after Him and his son Nasser was asked: “They were more of us note, and healthier because, and I have the right followed, God willing,”([11]). He said his Noureddine Salmi: “The Advanced Abu Nabhan was the people of his time to science and virtue and honor, and taken people by example in Mrashid their religion and worldly interests, and presented by Distinguished ordered them of what they learned from his knowledge and piety”([12]). Said by Sheikh Humaid bin Mohammed bin Rizieq: “Abu Nabhan President Sheikh world mark ink astute understanding industrious Aljhbzh”([13]).

Suffice it famous and justice testimony of these scientists who عاصروه or soon who Sphincter, where confessed to him profusely science and understanding, and recorded testimony read in history, it is a reference scientists, and shelter Algosad in solving indecipherable issues, revealing CSS of calamity, and add to that what Sheikh :

وأخو الفضل جاعد بن خمـيــس من خروص ومن ذوي المأثورات

شمس علم وكنز سرّ وكـــهــــف وشهاب مـــردٍ لكـلِّ الـطـــــغــــاة

Then he said valuable explain these Betaine: “The appointed gurus scientists at that time, and Lord referred to ink stigmatized, and was the only individual in the science of secrets has the powerful Queen”([14]). He also said mark Alnharir in right Sheikh Abu Nabhan text: “Mark Lord Imam Abu Nabhan Jaad bin Khamis Kharusi - God's mercy - which shy life for science, and for the right, and for the defense of dignity, and was a model for scientists righteous who cling to the book of God and follow the guidance of the Messenger of Allah e, ​​and live exploits Ancestors”([15]).

Suffice This Sheikh because it has become a reference people of his time, and saw his sphincter and came after foot-established in the literature, and all human knowledge prevailing at that time in Amman, has Rthah poets Bmrat several after his death even collected in a cabinet full terms were numerous, and called this Court b «necklaces “Anemone” In this translation Sheikh, and perhaps there is a library of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, or when the owner of Sisters, but I have not seen this Court has stated Khusaibi excerpts from this Court, stating Male poets: Salim bin Mohammed Lamki, and Rashid bin Saeed al-Absi, and Mansour bin Nasser Kharusi Alstali, poet Saif bin Nasser Alghari Kharusi, and Humaid bin Mohammed bin Rizieq famous, and Sheikh deceased Nasser bin Mohammed bin Suleiman Al Kharusi Asamaúla, and Sheikh Saeed bin Hassan bin Darwish Kharusi, and poet Ali .

Thirdly: Position of ijtihad and fatwa:

Already seen certificates contemporary scholars to Abu Nabhan - or who came after them- Entrenched Sheikh was presented at the flag, a few of the many, as we are in a hurry to hurry to accomplish what facilitates this worksheet.

Otherwise, Sheikh standing high is not what was said evidence on them, but the reality of the effects that impact is directory brilliant on what we say, and common destiny with everyone and it agreed with his contemporaries or his successors that Habitat scientists, and destination of fools and scholars in science alike, publicly Nord .

One questioner said to his son, Sheikh Nasser bin Abi mark Nabhan issue structure analysis of drinking coffee, it is stated: “The scholars are agreed in some Alomassar prohibition on coffee and then came after them and your father - Holy God Sarah and light idea - and saw that the analysis is fairest, and showed the arguments on what he saw is that, until noon light in the minds of people with minds of mankind that is opinion fullest”([16]).

In Sheikh Nasser said to his father, in his answer to those who asked him: “No one doubts a high degree of understanding, and the virtue of his position in science”. He said in another place: “And because there is no God King to be creative on this agreement revealed God who inspired Bjnanh, Vograh tongue Fastamlh in its countries, and did not himself it myself, but helped me correct it and my father Abu Nabhan”([17]).

فالشيخ كانت ترسل له عويصات المسائل، ويطلب منه الحلّ لمختلف المشاكل، وكان في جميع فتاويه أو وصاياه لطلاَّب العلم يأخذ بأقوال السلف الصالح، ويحثّ كثيرا على آثار الشيخ أبي سعيد الكدمي -رحمه الله-، ويعتبره من جهابذة العلماء الذين آتاهم الله البصيرة في الدين، وَمِـمَّا قاله في ذلك: “And incline not to called you to death the monolithic, leaving what it was imams guidance, they read for download, and I know challenged through construing, and evidenced in the best way into the homes of Ali, has been beaten in the Mnarha sounds, Vbesroa blindness and ordered piety, and forbade follow fancy… Etc.”([18])He also said: “We have found them in words to some of the later of the people of our time, not able to lift it to you, because it is exclusion effects past two like Mohammed bin lovable and Abu Saeed and other Muslim jurists, and talk Oardna him to release who is less jurisprudence of the applicants, and that - upon its release - requires ”([19]).

The urge to follow the gurus Omani scholars such as: Mohammed bin lovable father Said Alkdma and Abu Ali Moussa Ben Ali and influential father and my father Qahtan and other senior scientists([20]), Also Sheikh - may Allah have mercy on him - ordering Poller be seen in the most correct opinion that he does consider, came in many Jawabath, It is what it reads: “فانظر فيه وتدبَّر معانيه، ولا تعتمد إِلاَّ على ما تراه إلى النجاة سبيلا، وعلى منهاج السلامة دليلا، ولا يغرنّك حسن الاتكال على من قال، ولكن انظر فيما قال؛ فما وافق الْـحَقّ فخذ به، وما خالف الْـحَقّ إلى غيره من الباطل فاطرحه عن نفسك له رافضا، وما أشكل عليك من شيء فقف عنه، والتمس عدله إن اضطررت إليه من كتاب الله وسنَّة رسوله، أو إجماع الأمَّة، أو رأي أهل العدل من الفرقة المحقة، لعلك أن تصيب القصد، وتهدى فيه إلى الرشد، ويرتفع عن بصيرتك الحجاب، فتراه على ما هو عليه من خطأ أو صواب([21]).

وعلى هذا فهو لا يعتمد كُلّ الآراء التي يطّلع عليها في المسائل، ولا يركن إليها، خاصة إذا داخله منها شكّ، وكان لها في الرأي مجال، ولكنَّه يجتهد رأيه حتى يطمئن على الحكم فيه فهو ليس من أهل التقليد والجمود، وَإِنَّمَا من أهل النظر والتجديد، إذ لعلَّه يجد بالنظر قولا جديدا ومخرجا مهمًّا في المنازلة المعروضة، وكان يحثّ سائليه على ذلك كما أسلفنا، فمن قوله: “He must rather than an inquiry at work to edit them, and face his doom safety…And, if this so it is not permissible to create a defect on a follow the opinion endured it for him face the truth, and has been related to consider the opinion, or something already in the opinion of the wanted number of scholars from the Muslims, but the defect on the bucking assets … Etc.”([22]).

Hence it is clear that Sheikh does not see taking the view never who he said, though he found who preceded If the opinion in which the field, do not depend only on the consideration of the words, do not accept tradition, but contemplates the evidence to come new, and come out of the yoke of tradition to innovation, says : “Though in Hifzi who understood who claimed permissibility of latecomers, there is stronger with him to work, not to say that those who are taken him fatwas opinion, it does not say it has the power of science show him with me, and I do not know that it is his opinion, not it take Baltgay him ”([23]).

He also said in the same context, it is stated: “We have found them in words to some of the later of the people of our time, in a better position to submit it to you, because it is a violation of the past two effects… Because - at launch - requires prevention in places open, Del frank and true impact of”([24]).

Everything we have seen indicates that the Sheikh was Mojadidi Islamic jurisprudence in his day, it does not take words for what it is, but Amahsa researchers fairest of them, if necessary consider totally reversible, went to the measurement and devised a new provision in the calamity at hand.

This indicates that the Queen and doctrinal fundamentalism enjoyed by this honorable Sheikh, Noor insight that God gave him, he is the right of the geniuses of scientists Almstenbtin who said God in their right: ) If bunker to the Prophet and to the rulers of them knowing who the Istnbtonh them (([25]).

And if you know this shows you that the Sheikh was inertial scholars, who called for the cessation of diligence in later times it became a general nature in his day stop diligence ([26]).

We will show examples of deductions that Sheikh al-Faqih in times of calamity before, and which is one of renewal in Islamic jurisprudence in the next two Alambgesan:-

The second topic:

Models of Ajthadath in teaching the Koran

Sheikh Abu Nabhan of scientists who were interested in teaching closely, and who had their schools frequented by students educated, has ingrained the love learners, discipline and care, and such cases are of scientists when they look to the time in which they live, and the departure of people from seeking knowledge, demonstrating them .

Perhaps consider scholar Abu Nabhan effects Ancestors of Omanis, and found the loophole in the copyright in the provisions of schools Quran, money and education where, and whether education fare of its own funds or from funds earmarked for education, or for payment beyond that.

So, Sheikh collect questions answered by some sheikhs veterans such as: Sheikh Abu Saeed Alkdma and Mohammed bin Ali bin Abdul Baqi, Omar bin Abdullah bin contagious Pahlavi and Saeed bin Bashir Al Subhi and others, Vhllaha and commented upon, but fuller is the disciplinary learners, and attention carers, in different issues, and it was his habit of authoring purely done by - Ask himself and answer so: I told him… Said; and put the question and answer it.

Accordingly has toured my mind to put models in this section of Ajthadath in it, for being a scientist and educator at the same time, giving the reader familiar with the impression from looking remote Sheikh - may Allah have mercy on him - and especially with regard beside education, especially learning the Quran, etc. .

However, I will change the manner in which Sar-authored these issues, taking the sufficiency some sense meanings without some as follows:-

The first topic: In education:

Issue: In the education of children the Koran by a teacher has allocated taxi on education paid by their parents as much energy, you have to know each and every one of them as much as we pay?

Answer: No; taxi because it deserves wholesale, it is not permissible to increase the time to one without the other, but must be equality among them, unless they agreed to it and them is police on the condition or agreement, if he does that, then he incomplete response to reduced time. If he sat to teach himself Whoever is committing to make more time for those who pay him more, and on this, there is a seeker of knowledge which are equal in education([27]).

Issue: If sat Education is the requirement? .

The second topic: In the use of pupils:

It was usually an old teacher to send a group of learners to come Palmtakhr the attendance of students from home to school to teach, and threw down the Sheikh question the permissibility of this work for the teacher said with meaning: Do you have to send a group of boys who did not Iji from boys to come? .

The parents had been pleased so Vdharbhm, and also beat the child who ordered Bataana or dragged him until the impact of the clouds in his body being dragged on the ground. He replied: It scared him out of warranty because they not مؤتمنين, commanding Fjnayathm, and indeed it was he who ordered them, he warranty, and in the matter say no warranty but he does not like([28]).

The third topic: Disciplinary

Issue in disciplining boys:Is the teacher to discipline the boys with a stick if his father authorized him?

Answer: May not even authorized him to his father, and this is what was done to say, and the transfer of words permissible when permission, but when no permission is not permissible, and excluded from the private Ahwala a: Disobedience or ill manners, or distract other children or slackening in attendance, or if it hurt issued to the teacher or to others or for his money, or was distracted by all study something else.

But in this case the whole ordering him to stop beating first, but ينذره is in deed and forbid the palm, the ارتدع, otherwise it may blow after return to that which is forbidden, or leave enjoined, but must inform the guardian, but provided that the . If repeatedly do, he may strike without warning, although it sometimes deterred because he is afraid of it that usually becomes him.

Look at this high educational method, which is used today became the world where not punish the students only after warning the child, or the student only after being warned the media guardian, is it not say in the right-Sheikh that educators creators.

In disciplining orphan said: Disciplined education; because of his interests, but beating him is that there must be order and guardian or custodian or agent, or loves him beating.

It is not permissible Sheikh hit boys for complaint from each other only after verification of the attack, but may Nehrhm saying in general, and the discipline, even the alleged true.

As authorized Sheikh to break teacher nightclubs distracted by the student if, which does not benefit him only for fun, but if the other Kalqos not permissible broken, but undeterred by saying distraction, or do what suits him is broken([29]).

It is not too Sheikh talk about discipline students and to familiarize them with the cleanliness of the body and clothes:

In Nail and eyeliner eyes disciplined on letting nails grow, but beyond eyeliner eyes; because it is optional, as this is not about education or Purity. As if his purity of body and clothes of all impurities than the entire Muslim jurists it is impure and he refused to purging, he said: May be disciplined if left to the purity of no excuse, Kalnsaan and other potentially with sincerity([30]).

As for how to beatings and numbering, said the Sheikh: It hit him on the hand only beaten ineffective, and no more than in the beating three times, and not to be small is not likely beating([31]), And authorized the imprisonment of school pupils is hitting them if تهاونوا in their duties, but of damage يلحقهم remand Kahar, cold or thirst or otherwise estimated capacity when necessary, but if there is the fear they do not([32]).

Version IV: In the quality of education:

وَأَمَّا نوعية التعليم فإن الكبير والصغير لهم حقّ التعليم كُلّ بقدر حاله، إذا كانت المدرسة لها مال للتعليم فالجميع متساوون فيه، ولا يجوز للمعلم أن يميل لأحد دون أحد، ولا يخصّ أحدا بشيء من العلوم دون أحد، إِلاَّ في حال ما إذا كان التعليم بأجرة على آباء الأولاد فذلك له حكم آخر، وألزم المعلم في التعليم أن يبدأ بالأسهل فالأصعب حسبما يقتضيه حال الطفل ويقدر عليه، فلا يكلفه ما لا يطيق فينفره من التحصيل العلمي؛ لأن التكليف بما لا يطاق سبب من أسباب العزوف عن التعليم([33]).

In education with pride them Osagr as is old Omani usually in education, said: May not be the teacher only to authorize their parents, and the condition of permission parents also ordered them work ink and Berri pens and wash sheets and make the water in the ink, but if there is the fear they damage, as well as to be permission of parents in writing of Madadhm or in Oluahhm, and engage each other in ([34]).

The if Tpoarm in writing on boards each other Palmhacna in line, he passed it, but if parents were prevented, and the difference between this and the first, that in doing themselves The first Fbomrh of is([35]).

Version V: Permission for them to get out of school for a reason:

Authorized Sheikh for pupils authorization to go out for prayer parents for them, or for vomiting and nosebleeds and disease, understand this excuse, but Astimanhm urine and feces, eating and drinking necessary has passed, but if it appears to him that the exit for distraction from seeking knowledge is not permissible.

As well as the exit for sputum and mucus and similar to the need not mind, but if the exit of non-need not, especially if I have occupied these things about the study and attendance to receive scientific lessons, as well as if defile his clothes or body Vastazn pupil out to spend this need, he said: May authorize him if it does not exceed the time required to.

The bypass has slowed asked about reason, had to excuse excuse and only threatened to beat him, and so.

The exit teacher for such mundane necessities has passed Sheikh, but enjoined upon the judiciary to his death, but if he had stipulated that the reward for education, or was this than it Taourv among teachers that there is nothing wrong does not alter.

If the teacher was out to realize urine or faeces or prayer or light or purity; said: He may go out in these conditions; because this Kalmchrot, unless allowance stipulated that in this condition is a necessary.

As well as he left for the funeral following her, or patient obliged Mansh, but here he does his allowance, and travel for a school that teaches not only the intention to miss allowance, whether traveling near or far unless authorized([36]).

Wholesale: Shaykh Abu Nabhan was one of the educators who have had unique fingerprints in education and innovation to the rules of education, children's behavioral regulation in the pursuit of knowledge.

The sixth issue: Engage in a particular job with learning

Not permissible Sheikh actuation tenant education teacher last job is done tenant; such as fronds and silver work, sewing and later versions, etc.; because children have a right to hearing and sight and uttered at the time the tenant for education([37]).

As if the work is slight, such as letter writing or the like, or compelling paper there is nothing wrong with it unless occupied, unless the condition of his wages that the such business or already do not mind([38]).

If the reading and reading that worked out which teacher can not ignorance of religion is permissible, but alter the time of his death in it if not required by the reward, as well as if he forgot or sleeps serving with him on the more correct.

But if you really considered the teaching of the rights of God such as prayer may not wildcard([39])However, if it knows without a fare, it gave him to take, and did not give him did not ask him anything Here, he may work with education in the things that we have mentioned in advance([40]).

هذه نماذج مِـمَّا ذكره أبو نبهان، والواقع أَنَّهُ ذكر الشيء الكثير في جانب التأسيس التربوي والفقهي للعمل في مدارس تعليم القرآن الكريم؛ ذلك لأَنَّ هذه القواعد أشبه بقانون منظّم للعمل في هذا الميدان، وقد استطرد الشيخ في ذكر كُلّ ما يتعلّق بمدارس تعليم القرآن الكريم وغيره، أو التعليم أو أحكام المعلمين والتلاميذ والأوقاف الخاصة بهم، مِـمَّا يَدُلُّنا على أن العلامة أبا نبهان قد سدَّ ثغرة كانت موجودة في المكتبة العمانية أو الإسلامية بهذا المؤلف النفيس، وهو مؤشر واضح ودليل قاطع على إبداع هذا الشيخ واجتهاداته الواسعة في كُلّ نازلة تتطلب حلولا في زمانه، وصارت مرجعاً لمن يأتي بعده.

The third topic:

Models of Ajthadath in the provisions of the Animal

Re-Sheikh Jaad author “Major animal life” Of the mark: Kamal al-Din Demeiri([41]). He said - God's mercy- Reads: “Has classified this book from the book of life of the animal([42]) Salary on characters Almagamat and trash, I took him rule in birds and animals is classified, and written by a violation of the author, and made him the doors, and separated each of it Ozkara door of words, detoxified «clarify the statement with resolve and deprived of animal»”([43]).

And not the work of Abu Nabhan, who we are going to talk about in the book Demeiri as Imam Alkdma work in the book supervision Ibn Mundhir Alnisabure; Alkdma commented on words only and leave the authorship of the book format unchanged. The Sheikh Abu Nabhan has relied on “Animal life” Male animals, insects, birds and provisions only, while authoring workmanship has relied on himself, as stated in the text which already نقلناه, and its author called this b «clarifying statement with resolve and deprived of animal».

Sheikh was in this book depends on the consideration and diligence in the weighting words, where he said: “Echoed in which it unless I have his health, and what is true to me corrected of true قوليه, more than what I said in this workbook into an intellectual, and the opinion of my mind, and measure illegal”([44]).

This is irrefutable evidence conclusively stipulated that inadvertently Sheikh mainly from writing this book a correct statement of the assets of the corresponding words contained when Demeiri, the more likely based on diligence and correct measurement him, is reportedly of these words.

We will provide the reader Quran The following are examples of those interpretations:

He said the ruling Assad after the sale Male Demeiri rule: “Said Abu Nabhan: 've Been told: It is not permissible to sell wild animals at all in the words of our companions, and the lion among lions, and the like if it is proved dissolved on the opinion of Leary dissolved that may be sold and purchased, the meaning of the use of flesh and fat and hold it and his hair, not for acquisition on the meaning of said dissolved, and is impossible to prove sales to say . And I should not be selling it cost-effective only for acquisition, and the words of those who say haraam and the prohibition of use of it, and on the meaning of the words say so Valabie the payoff…” ([45]) Etc. What he said.

He said the dog, after mentioning Demeiri statements which doctrines owners: “Said Abu Nabhan: 've Been told: The dogs of all types of haram, so me Astkhraja of prohibition of the Prophet e eat every wild animal with Knapp([46]) Not from the other, and stressed some of the Muslims in the dog unless the stresses in other animate Canine, but perhaps no more than to enter into inter saying says: All animate Canine lions, and he said: Hated it, and if I see the famous Sheikh Abu Saeed Mohammed bin Said goes to the likelihood of this to say, which is more correct with us”. Then he said,: “The dogs are unclean… However, the teacher it different dog in it, and in Sarh in the sense of purity and uncleanness, and was told: Pronounce him unclean, and was told: Of purity, the first and most likely the healthiest in the consideration and further compromised”([47]).

In this indicates that Sheikh Abu Nabhan was among those who allow eating lions, but if he wants to stroll Eater, which carry the forbid التنزيه, in favor of the Imam Abu Saeed and Tabahma on the Nur al-Din Salmi in his system Anwarul minds where he said:

ولم يِجز خلافــنــــا للأعـــــدل ممــا نرى وميلنـــــا لـــــلأهـــــزل

في غير ما قد حــكــم الحاكم أو كان خـلاف كافــــر فيـــمـــا رأو

أو من طريق الزهد كان أفضلا وإن حكمت فاقصدن الأعــدلا

وذاك مثـل الأكل للسبــــاع قـد رأيت حلــها وإن نــهــــــي ورد

حمـلته علـى ســبيل الأدب كمثل ما اختار إمام المذهب([48])

Sheikh has led Noureddine diligence in evidence on what he said Sheikh Imam Abu Saeed Alkdma who called Imam doctrine, and perhaps Sheikh Salmi had not seen the telling mark Abi Nabhan Vgah of the Abu Sa'eed only.

In a commentary and a nice weighting clear and extract Badi Sheikh Abu Nabhan in the issue of non-angels from entering a house in which a dog or a picture, after mentioning the words Demeiri, the views of scientists in this, and after the relocation of the word nuclear memorize the House of Commons not to enter the Angels a house in which a dog or a picture, : “Figured it was: The angels do not enter a house where a dog or a picture, does not go out on the whole in all dogs and pictures with me, and me to be in the pictures forbidden by graduation in other words crosses and the like of images taboo, in the non-DH multiplied the images forbidden from hitting the people of shirk and slave … I do not reckon they abstain from entering the house in his hunting dog or protection and guard, Guyana him by him must have it, if he was a righteous believer is not correct me on this, but this”([49]).

Then Sheikh commented on this hadith narrated from Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with him- In which he stated the descent of angels much of the night, and they do not let the homes of believers only ten houses which: The dog house and a picture, where Ibn Abbas excluded hunting dogs and cattle, including text: “Enough is enough evidence on the validity of what I went to him from the interpretation of the words of the Apostle u: It «angels do not enter a house in which a dog is that it comes out in non-dog protection and Huntress narrated from the Prophet e also in the license in the acquisition of a sheep dog, fishing, meaning the need for them, and lack of Aghannaah them. Then he said,: “It is impossible to end the Prophet e for something or something that allows only is the Almighty God; the verse in Surat star: ﴿وَمَا يَنطِقُ عَنِ الْهَوَى * إِنْ هُوَ إِلَّا وَحْيٌ يُوحَى * عَلَّمَهُ شَدِيدُ الْقُوَى * With time فاستوى (([50]). Then he said,:”It is misguided to say that God permits do something and punish the perpetrator in Dar minimum or in Dar hereafter, may not this on God; because God is wise, and these acts is wise, Almighty God, for it's strength, depriving the Angels one of the penalties Ajlat those who think and considered”. Then he said,:” What protested nuclear and narrated say: The Jibril u refrained from entering the house of the Messenger of Allah e because under his bed puppy dog, with the excuse, and the excuse that he did not know Vgelbh conjecture, with me that this is not true and God luck”([51]).

Commenting on that, I say:

First: The brand Abu Nabhan authorized, keeping dogs for the benefit, such as: Planting and udder dog guard, and it's not within the general prohibitions, to customize a speech last.

Secondly: It is not intended pictures all the pictures, but the crosses and statues do not minted or images that disappear with the loss what wove it, which is widespread, it is excluded from the public for the benefit of.

Thirdly: That the angels could not refrain from the house locked or secured the dog for hunting or guarding, this worldly punishment, and it is absurd that licensed street Hakim in something and then punished.

Fourth: If you came from the Prophet e command or prohibition or authorization, for he is a God, because he does not speak, but inspired by God, and God forbid that it is punishable.

V.: Not convinced novel nuclear angel Gabriel's failure to enter the house of the Prophet e to the presence of a puppy under the bed, but he said: That is incorrect.

VI: Appeared versatility Sheikh Abu Nabhan in idiosyncratic diligence in this matter, and not to imitate other scholars.

You see - Dear Reader- That the issue does not need to increase us in the right Abu Nabhan in discretionary matters in which Sheikh finds room for consideration and diligence, I have seen concern نقلناه by the issue of the acquisition of the dog for the benefit of.

As well as what he said in the context of talking about the issue of ensuring what the dog أتلفه referred to in the evidence of where he said security reads: “The killing of a human being Mara in the position goes to the passage, or sitting in the position goes to the failure or standing in the position of permissible to stand, or inside him permission after argument in cashed, he assured to consider legal, and public opinion intellectual, measurement and legitimate mental've got me, but be ….”([52]) Etc. What he said.

Fterah enjoined warranty if the argument took place on the dog's owner if they objected to passers-by and hurt sitting and entrants, since the error has content in the measurement under consideration and diligence.

The measure was often on issues each other Kcolh the: Impressed me, and I like, and to measure the saying, and in the measurement, and the measurement of mental, on manageable saying, and what requires consideration, and the measure saying, reason dictates to be like him, which I have recommended to his peers and so.

It has سقته enough of an example to be followed by Sheikh Abu Nabhan in lions section of «his book to clarify the statement on Demery Faishha or weaken or oppose it, or over it, as well as what Astkhrjh of discretionary provisions of realistic mentality.

The second section of the book: Which contained the insects and birds Fajbna that one example cited in the ants said Demeiri: Said: “It is the book hates eat what carried the ants Pfiha and بقوائمها, the report narrated by Hafiz Abu Naim in the prophetic medicine for Saleh bin answer bin Jubair from his father, from his grandfather, «that the Messenger of Allah e forbidden to be eaten what carried the ants Pfiha and بقوائمها», and deprives eat ants to the receipt of the prohibition on killing”.

He said Abu Nabhan, commenting on the: “I do not know the face of the stone from eating ants only once disliked, because I do not know I find the forbidden book nor years nor consensus, said that in the opinion as far as we know, and Goh hatred eat what carried ants بقوائمها or Pfiha please Ahth to rank right at all ”([53]).

In the drinks sufficient what Ordnah in the first section([54]) From his analysis of drinking coffee that a large body of sayings of scholars who preceded in outlawing and then came the Abu Nabhan فاجتهد the tag in it, did not see the prohibition of a course, but denied this saying, and said solve it, then belonging to elders science in his time and after that.

The fish in the sea is enough to convey a text of his speech in response to what mentioned by Demeiri, and the transfer of more words in the slaughter of fish and eat and eat what they are, and cut alive to the other, where he said: “I do not know a difference between the people of Justice to eat fish anyway, and in any case was in every case, and in each case and in each case, but he hates to be thrown into the fire alive, this is the right justice and other Khbayt of the”([55]).

In any case, Shaykh critic seer and a world expert ports words and their entrances, and hard-working big confounds صحيحها of سقيمها, the slip at the time free of senior diligent in Amman, book illustration, which took us from these texts, which the library Omani need it, and fill a void .

God luck.

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* ندوة تطور العلوم الفقهية فِي عمان ” فقه النوازل وتجديد الفتوى”

Held during the period: 13-16 April 1428 / 1-4 April 2007

Oman - Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

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