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Suleiman bin succeed Oueslati Almzzati oil Gabésian

(Abu spring) (T.: 471E / 1079ملحق بسير *الشماخي)

Able is a fundamentalist and jurist prophetess, colorful rate: Oueslati, Almzzati, oil, Gabésian; he travels a great deal between citizen Ibadi across Morocco, and the large number of his travels a request for information and published his.
Take note of his mettle Net Berag: Sheikh Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Bakr Alnphusi,

Read on his hands assets, also took on Sheikh Abu Muhammad and Aslan bin Abi Saleh Alerasne and other branches of Jerba, and was at the time companion study Sheikh Maxn bin good and Tsahba on learning, and Aadthma to read Abu spring book on Abu Muhammad Maxn, if read face of .
Science is very, Avni his youth in reading, and the rest of his life in Alaqra, became Akaber Aezzabh and who they greenlit series debt ratios.
He took the flag of the creation of many to take a mobile ring between the Ibadi citizens, in the plains and mountains, valleys and islands, and come out of his students Njba such as the children of Sheikh Abu Zakaria faction and Abu Bakr bin Yahya in the Grand Mosque in Djerba, and then go in his circle to Mount Nafusa, and then funded, Then in the beginning of 450 AH / 1058 AD, then a dungeon, then the mountain where his house was «financed» in 462 AH / 1069 AD, and then «Tounin »In each town, the student and student stay for a period of learning and education meet them and many students of science,ar.
It is also his disciples: Sheikh Abu Abbas Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Bakr Alnphusi, and Sheikh Ibrahim bin Ibrahim, Sheikh Tbguren bin Issa Almelcouti, and Sheikh Abu Mohammed Maxn bin goodness, and Sheikh Abu Amr Osman bin Khalifa Suevi, and many others…
It seems that the origin Alsaalat written by Abi Spring Suleiman bin succeed – Translator him – It is a novel and add Soviet disciple, and collect and organize student Soviet Abu Ya'qub Yusuf ibn Muhammad, and copies Isa bin Isa Alnphusi with additions of Soviet students and Tsahaham, and this is what Nstvidh of Alsaalat text is as follows:
«Saalat Sheikh Abu Amr Allah's mercy has introduced a number of his disciples, and wrote Senate may God have mercy on them, and language – Vsahh is Mother, God willing – Ardtin, before the Sheikh Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Sbman, and goats bin Jnao, Abu Futuh, and prone recent Sheikh Abu Noah Saleh Ibn Sheikh Ibrahim God's mercy on them, dictated Abu Jacob Joseph, son of Mohammed, and written by Issa bin Isa Alnphusi, and increased when some students .
The other Tassanifa mismatch:
1. Book artifacts stored in a consensus legitimate assets (Brain) Said curtains and said: «It is one of the noblest people call categories, achieved scholar Mahmoud Andalusian, in the context of preparing for a university, but Aajlth away before to discuss. And a copy of the manuscript library Sheikh uncle Said Pegrdaah, handwriting Sheikh uncle Said dated 884 AH / 1479 AD.
2. «Book in the pursuit of knowledge and learning etiquette, printed titled Book of Sir.
3. «Book on theology and jurisprudence in two volumes, saw the curtains of them only the second part, and perhaps the same book antiques.
4. «Separate prefix issues pendants» (Brain).
In addition to the Ibadi rarely devoid wrote many of his novels doctrinal or newsletter; In the book pendants – For example – Fatwas and judgment against him, and the biography of Father Zakaria Allowargelana him full of contemporary novels Abi Spring.
Was severely read the books offenders, who have not established by science, fear of sedition and differences.
He who arranged the ring at the hands of Sheikh Abu Muhammad and Aslan bin Abi Saleh Jerba.
Differed in the position of his death, as in the position differed birthday Perhaps because of his many scientific travel.
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  1. Hamad says:

    All thanks and appreciation for the great efforts that you are making and that new Astfdh as a researcher in Islamic civilization in the Ibadi sect
    Question : Are signed deployment artifacts stored or not and how they can get it to that I looked for in all public libraries in Tunisia, and did not find it? Download: eType1.com/f.php?Fj52jq

  2. Saleh jealous says:

    This definition مشكورون
    I want to ask if Tassanifa had achieved or not?

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