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Sheikh عدون, when the sun is absent scientists


And Algeria and called on the Islamic world has the world on Tuesday a prominent note of reform flags Renaissance, and the scientific movement the blessed in Algeria throughout the twentieth century and early this century. It Sheikh Saeed bin Haj Sharifi, better known as, "Sheikh عدون".
The solemn funeral on Wednesday 20 Ramadan 1425 / third of November 2004, Muscat head

Deceased in Sump, attended by thousands of mourners from all over the country of Algeria, scientists and leaders, and the leaders and the general Muslims, came from all over the world to deposit a man who was a nation walks among the people, and Igdqgua it sincerely pray what is interceding him at the head of the people, the day when the people .
The solemn moments immortal, and a remarkable stand in the date, shut up the words, and shortens statement, فينعقد the tongue, يكبو the mare Firefly without Maraam, to Jalal position and prestige primarily.
And wondering السائلون the: Who is Sheikh عدون? . And Ahtdt names encyclopedias flags, adorned the pages of newspapers and media screens?
None of this was, only نزرا fraction is merely a definition in the local newspaper or a national concert honoring and fulfill Muslim Brotherhood, away from the lights and bustle of excitement media magic.
It is Sheikh عدون?
Sheikh عدون man who grew up in the valley gutter Algerian diameter, and it was his birth city of Sump away 630 Km south of Algiers, saw the light of life years 1319 H / 1902 AD.
عرف الفقر والعوز في خطوات حياته الأولى، ففقد والده في بواكير العمر، وكشرت له الأيام عن أنيابها، حين لم يخلف الوالد الراحل ما يرثه الأبناء من متاع الحياة، إلا زادا من التنشئة على الفضيلة والاستمساك بأهداب الدين، وديونا بذمة الأب عاجله الموت دون قضائها، فكانت تركته مغارم لا مغانم، تحمّلها الابن سعيد عن رضى بقضاء الله في اجتماع ألَمِ اليُتْم وهَمِّ الدَّيْن، وما كان أمامه من خيار إلا أن يسافر مغتربا إلى مدينة سَرْيَانة وهو صبي دون العاشرة من عمره، فعمل أجيرا لسداد دين أبيه، وقضى بتلك القرية النائية في جبال الأوراس ذات الشتاء القارس والثلوج بضع سنين.
But his passion for science had been the king of it diameters himself, and saw the same fruit Achtdhart before fully ripe, and increased the eagerness to return to the headwaters of science to cure Ghalila, remained يتحين opportunities Balancbab on what it finds in the surroundings of scraps papers where some writing, Fikraha and entertains himself by.
Remained the same Tmahh sorties to the science Ththbl it rare opportunities, and moments of opportunity, until he reached the age of eighteen he returned to his home town, and joined the science students in the city loop Sheikh Saleh El Hadj Omar bin Yahya Alumblyki, God's mercy.
He had emerged as a star Ibrahim eggs in this episode Sheikh, فتآلفت's the spirit of the new student with an old student, and the starting point for the march blessing bus left their impact in the gutter and Algeria and various citizen of the Islamic world.
And while Sheikh Episode died El Hadj Omar Ben Yahia was Sheikh qualifications eggs leadership has chosen the leader of the movement scientific then reformist renaissance in the sump, and in southern Algeria, in this jihad spent a full sixty years from 1921 to his death in 1981.
Sheikh عدون was Throughout this period, the bus and the sincerity of the Minister Sheikh Ibrahim eggs in the reformist struggle and scientific and educational projects. Did not abandon him and did not hesitate to support him days. حتى لحق الشيخ بيوض بربه، فخلفه في ريادة الحركة الإصلاحية قرابة ربع قرن من الزمان، إلى أن فاضت روحه إلى بارئها، ولحق بالرعيل الأول من رجال العلم السابقين، الذين كانوا معه فريقا متلاحما متضامنا، عاهد الله على نصرة الدين وتنوير الأمة، وإخراجها من ظلمات الجهل، وإنقاذها من براثن الاستعمار، فتحقق للجزائر النصر والاستقلال، ونعمت بظلال الأمن والازدهار، ثم شاءت الأقدار أن يودع الشيخ عدون الجزائر وهي في غمرة احتفالات الذكرى الخمسين لاندلاع ثورة التحرير الكبرى.
تاريخ حافل أَرْبىَ على قرن من الزمان، ومسار زاخر بجلائل الأعمال، قطعه الشيخ الراحل بعزيمة وإيمان، وصبر ويقين، لم يحِدْ عنه قيدَ أنملة، على تقلب الأحوال، واشتداد وطأة المستعمرين، وأعوانهم الطامحين، وأذنابهم الطامعين، وبرغم اشتداد الفتن، وتنكر عشاق التسلق في غفلة من الزمن، وقَلْبِ بعضِ اللئام ظهر المجن، فقد ظل وفيّا صامدا، لم تزعزعه الأعاصير، ولم تفتّ من عزمه حبليات الليالي وطوارق الأيام.
Order was the beginning of the journey of the ring with his disciples flag Sheikh El Hadj Omar Ben Yahia, then twist User activity was president in the establishment of "School Youth" Led by Sheikh eggs, Year 1921 Following the death of Hikhhma Alumblyki, and the modern school learning young Sharia sciences and Arabic language in accordance with the modern curriculum, developed after a period of time to take the name of "Institute of Life".
Institute of Life
Know the people in the valley that the Institute of gutter life is Sheikh عدون, and Sheikh عدون is Life Institute. Correlation inherent in the shade and rights, and only one of them reportedly said the other on the tongue.
The Institute of Life hoping the sole Sheikh, and his main concern resident seat, he is old juicer, and the spirit of its mission since its inception to the day of his death.
Life in Rehab Institute Sheikh عدون took over teaching the rules of the Arabic language professor has remained more than fifty years, as mandated by Imam Sheikh eggs by operationalization of things since the first days as occupied nation issues, was Sheikh عدون the actual director, Sheikh Honorary Director eggs.
For Sheikh عدون was man of the field and the basis of architecture, and that did not seem apparent, Sheikh was ratified Minister eggs in the fields of jihad and struggle, and how much time you told it not for Sheikh عدون to resolve the many things fateful bus in the process of reform.
But this minister chose to stay in the shade, being certain that the ship can not tolerate only a leader and one Azjeha, but including the sunk and where. How many leaders among them has conflicts because of lust for power and love of the presidency, Vtakloa disease envy and reproduction, and died on the nation in the midst of rivalry.
In the arms of this institute was not Sheikh upside in the administration watched the march on the papers, records and reports rehearsed to him, or dictated, but he was professor educator, and observer-oriented, and above manager, takes care of every nook and cranny of the affairs of students and teachers, care caring mother to their loved أكبادها, .
Under the patronage of Sheikh عدون ago the life of the Institute for more than eighty years, in the process of blessing, yielded good fruit in enlightening the nation, and build generations, and still is - the praise of God- Towering fortress in the sky purebred Scientific and Cultural Organization, extends Algeria and the Nation of Islam generations of remission and preachers adult mentors.
Under Sheikh عدون direct supervisor of the educational activities of the Institute of the programs and decisions, and seeking to develop the curriculum and update its regulations in examinations and determine the levels of study, has spared no effort in for all new useful than I have known modern schools and colleges throughout the Arab world. It was urged professors and graduates who are dispersed in various countries, to provide him with all useful of these programs and books. And succeeded his efforts he knew Institute rapidly developed, even the promise researcher Bassam Al-Asali pioneering experience in the Arab world, Arabs have the right to be proud of in front of the world as proud Russians a famous breeder Pavlov experience.
The share of morality lion's share in the curriculum of the Institute, and still holds the immortal slogan: Religion and manners before the culture, and the interest of the community and the nation before the interests of the individual.
Sheikh عدون took over the task of moral construction in regular classes for new students, in preparation for them to get involved in the system of the Institute of excellence, even graduate distinct and excellent in ethics results, before Istron of knowledge in securities. The trivialize failure in the exam, nor permitted to deposit in anyone's behavior, but he is scourge and carefree and humiliation.
This is another lesson remained stuck by Sheikh even if without the weight of the years, he assigned it to behind the Secretary, and the procession all the grace, Lord of the Worlds.
What characterized the system he Institute on the link between the theoretical and practical sides in the field of education, as not only the student grant abstract knowledge in the monotonous lessons, but Ishvaha the quotas applied in what was known as the "literary associations" Sheikh عدون had was devised, taken مضمارا to discover and encourage talent, and the bombing of the energies of young people in the fields of public speaking, writing, poetry and literature. As well as the basic application, which they see in their teachers, integrity and commitment to the teachings of Islam, فيسلكون their approach and their يتأسون, and have their word impact of the and resonate immortal in themselves, as Ainoha the reality, does not suit hollow, invokes Prosecutor saying: "Take a scientific nor practical ye".
The Sheikh عدون in this approach is the pioneer and the guard, keeps his disciples on morality and virtue, and is keen to be models in high represents the values ​​of Islam among the people, hold them formally accountable for negligence while underestimate the people of its lapses, and instills in their awareness that they are role models for the people, it is not permissible to lose sight of all : Advantages righteous disadvantages close.
Relationship بتلاميذه:
The relationship Sheikh بتلاميذه relationship parent Alraav and mother Alrúm Bibnaúhma, means to them and ask about their conditions, and seeks to solve their problems, and provides them with-help literature and material to overcome the obstacles to achievement, and he does not grow up in front of an obstacle in the way of science, and make it impossible to يذلله, was held hearings numerous, serving the clocks .
From here, his attention was amount of students النجباء, also concerned with the rebels alike, this encouragement and support, and that the calendar and repayment. In these two fronts Jihad Jalil, and the two words long, Basta requires skimp by these flashes and confine him these pages.
It was the largest his interruption student concern science, but was preparing to escape from crawling, so most angry rage, and repeating the hearing requested by the jurists ruled that mouse from crawling kills, it emphasis on the seriousness of the matter and the gravity of the consequences is not only. Not surprisingly, it tasted the bitterness of disruption of education, and saw the fate of the young while Echtdharon from kindergarten science, Fermi them into the mud Alastzlal and disrespectful, Fterzo nation in their abilities and talents, and lost their present and future, and lose this world and their end, and so is the looser set.
And Compassion Sheikh on his disciples, and his love for them to leave fingerprints immortal in their consciences, and I never saw anyone who had بالتلمذة on his hands, but I love loving what was Agdhuhm by this love and compassion, love exudes honest and sincere and a desire to bring every student in the future a great success, and be between .
The atmosphere of the lesson is a lesson to those who Ram model for the way of education optimal clarify the scientific facts, and the laying of values ​​defects, and the consolidation of the love and affection and reverence and respect between teacher and students, and in that relationship secret superiority and an incentive to grandfather in the collection, which reduced many of the teaching methods sterile shortened its consideration .
Each student spent a lifetime at the Institute of life, memories of the lesson quotas between embrace of Sheikh عدون, if brought to the Encyclopedia and a beacon guiding educators. The sincerity of send words of the wise: So stick to those who stick compassionate.
Thanks to the Institute life spanned the light of reform overfill the gutter valley and cities Algeria, Tefiot the shadows of other countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Oman, Chad, Mali, Zanzibar. And other countries.
And brighten the star graduates of the Institute of life where they stayed and they went, they were شموسا luminous, honored the Institute and honored themselves and their homelands, and تبوؤوا seats Semitism in government bodies and private, educational, administrative, and رصعوا issuance of universities and institutions, and succeeded in various fields of life, commercial, industrial and professional. And some effect of fidelity pool that نفح Sheikh عدون and his sons in the Rehab Institute of Life.
It is sufficient honor in the encouragement of intellectual activity and authoring, printing and publishing, that beget such as Sheikh Ali Yahia Muammar, an advocate of Islamic unity, and equitable Ibadi of interest to the owners of articles. The great historian Sheikh Mohammad Ali Dboz, and writer Sheikh fierceness of pottery, cave wisdom and dignity, and scholars Sheikh Nasser Almmermora and Sheikh Muhammad Ibn al-Sheikh and the late Sheikh Bakir Arashwm, and poet Algeria and Arabism Dr. Saleh Kherfa, and writer, poet and scholar of Islamic Acanutormohamd Nasser and Bulbul valley and wise Umm al-Qura Sheikh Ibrahim Qrade. And his disciples frames Semitic land of Oman, the likes of His Excellency Sheikh Saeed bin Nasser Al Maskari, Sheikh Mohammed bin Nasser Al Siyabi, Sheikh Yahya bin Sufyan Rashidi, Dr. Khalfan bin Mohammed Mundhiri, and thousands and thousands of graduates and thoughtful, falls short of the population of place, and weighs Botherhm balance Sheikh between the flags.
Youth Association and its impact:
أما الجمعيات الأدبية التي عرفتها أنشطة الطلبة، فلم تكن مجرد ميدان للتكوين العلمي التطبيقي، والتدريب على تمثل القواعد النظرية وممارستها في ما يكتب أو يقال، فحسب، بل كانت فوق ذلك ميدانا لترويض العقل على البحث والنظر، والنقاش والحوار، والأهم من هذا كله، أنها كانت مجالاً لعمل أخطر، ومضمارا لتحقيق غاية أسمى، غاية تتمثل في بعث الروح الوطنية ومقارعة الاستعمار، إذ تُعرض في أحضان تلك اللقاءات قضايا الحرية وعزة المسلمين، وفداء الأوطان، والسعي لإنقاذها من براثن الكافرين، وكانت جلسات هذه الجمعية سرية لا علم للإدارة الفرنسية بها، ويتعهد أعضاؤها بكتم أمرها، وعدم إفشائه ولو لأقرب الناس وأعز الأصدقاء.
The literary associations went in front of the train, driving its vehicles from the Nasr station to another, so that was the spark war of salvation, railed the people of Algeria reform the concerted efforts of men working in the north and the south, and to stop people together and say to the colonial:
France, I have been a reproach time, Toenah also folded book.
O France, The day of reckoning Fastaadi and take us to answer
The in our revolution separated speech
And we are determined to live Algeria.
Bear witness bear witness bear witness…
وتركت لنا هذه الجمعيات في أرشيفها كنوزا من النتاج الفكري والأدبي يكشف عمّا كان يجري في رحمها من مخاض عسير أفرز هذه الروح الوطنية الواعية، وينم عن مدى الرشاد الذي اتسمت به قيادة الشباب في هذه اللقاءات، حمل رايتها الشيخ عدون وأثمرت في ما دوّنه الطلبة من مقالات وقصائد، وأناشيد بلغت العشرات، كلها تشيد بالوطن وتدعو للسعي إلى تحريره من نير الاستذلال، وجاءت في أسلوب حماسي صادق، ولكنه ذكي حكيم، تدك قنابله معاقل المفسدين، ولا يُدان قائله من قبل الكائدين. And those need to page a thorough study of the Transfiguration preferred associations Institute of literary life in awakening the national spirit in young people, and erase the myth that France will remain in Algeria to the day of reckoning.
Sheikh relationship professors:
أما عن علاقة الشيخ عدون بالأساتذة في المعهد فشيء فوق الوصف مما كان يفيضه عليهم أيضا من نبع المحبة والتقدير، ويشعرهم أنهم قلب المعهد وقدوة الطلبة، ويشيع في أوساطهم علاقة مودة تسامت عن المطامع والمصالح، وترسخت فجعلت منهم أسرة متلاحمة ضربت مثالا لنجاح الأسرة التعليمية وتعاونها، وتضحياتها وعملها بروح الفريق الواحد، لغاية واحدة هي بناء الأجيال ونشر النور، وإرضاء الله وراحة الضمير، لا مجرد أداء الواجب وانتظار موعد الأجور.
What the professor filed a complaint with only Ochkah, in needed only أغناه, have all reached their destination him and won everything you wished for, and won him invitations goodness, and satisfaction of the nation and when Allah is better and more lasting.
As well as the links to teachers in free schools created by associations of reform in cities and outside the gutter along the Algerian diameter, cares for them and follow the news and ask about their conditions, and do its utmost to provide the right atmosphere for them to do their mission better to do. And calls on people around them and the people left to Maazathm the extending a helping hand to them, and calls on the saints that efforts Aeddoa schools, focusing on the role of the foundation to the success of the education process. It also instills in people's consciences and minds of honor and serves as a teacher, and that savior who leads the nation and lead the convoy in the way of Paradise, they should know his place and Ikdrōh the right amount.
The response of the people is ideal for these teachings Vaandhanoa the these schools Bmwalimaha the pupils, and Nasrōha has spread widened and developed, and still Nujoma illuminate through the generations in every city and village.
Schools aired Nujoma of a secret in the country after deems Nuncio
And it wakes up the boy is without puberty with Fajr intended schools to recite the Koran does not dissuaded cold nor زمهرير, then the sun shines فيتجه to public schools and then close due evening to schools Quran concludes the day under the guidance book and biography of the Prophet, and the history of Islam, and blessed him مسكا to end.
Life Association:
وفي جبهات الشيخ عدون العديدة تتوارد إلى الأذهان جمعية عتيدة كانت محور الأحداث في القرارة وميزاب منذ نشأتها سنة 1937م، إنها جمعية الحياة التي أسسها الشيخ بيوض، لتكون مظلة لحركة التعليم، بما تقتضيه تنظيمات القوانين آنذاك، وكان صدور رخصة الجمعية في ظرف عصيب بعد مساع مضنية، ومماحكات السلطات الاستعمارية، ثم غدت الجمعية موئلا لأنصار العلم والإصلاح، تتولى الجانب المادي والتنظيمي للحركة العلمية في مدارس التعليم الحرة بالقرارة، على اختلاف مستوياتها من الابتدائي والإعدادي والثانوي والعالي. And oversees the construction and processing, management and organization. It was the heart of General Sheikh عدون, did not give up his life to last, despite the weight of the years, and the intensification of the brunt of the disease, and did not like the words of the poet:
Fed up with the cost of living and lived eighty Hula not the father you يسأم.
Says: But I did not Assam after the cost of living.
No wonder, then that is the fruit of faith, fidelity pool. And that I tire of life for the old is the words of Mustafa, peace be upon him: «Blessed are those who long life and good work '?.
Remained responsible for tours to raise money for Life Association goes for her thousands of kilometers away, do not return it for that Angad nor the depths, and has for that no one knows except God of the dangers, and did not give up this task to another age, despite the insecurity and dangerous travel, having .
Dar scientific missions
حين ذاع صيت معهد الحياة في ربوع الوطن تداعى الناس لإرسال أبنائهم للنهل من معينه، فأقبل طلبة العلم على القرارة يستسقون، وكان رائد النهضة بها الشيخ إبراهيم بيوض على وعي بأهمية نشر الفكرة بواسطة هؤلاء الطلبة، فأولاهم عناية منقطعة النظير وآواهم إليه، وخصص لهم دارا يقيمون بها، ثم تتابعت وفودهم وتكاثرت أعدادهم، فكان ميلاد نظام دار البعثات العلمية، وتطور عبر السنين، وكان للشيخ عدون اهتمام بالغ بأبنائه الوافدين.
Recognizing including يحسه the parents of the strange and share alienation and longing for home, to do his utmost to compensate for these pupils arrivals what anise, but find themselves between their parents and their relatives. It was God's mercy Ichaelahm special care, and Aatherhm sessions distinct, reigned over them their hearts and they have been a pioneer in the realm of life, and an example remained Icheribon for His Highness to take his place Acommq, very attaining, and humble and sincere, overfill the iceberg of these role models to their home countries, and the pleasure of the nation Boukaarham, attributed to the parent breeder Sheikh . They are all commendable يلهجون him, saying,: Lula days Telmztna the Balaqrarh what we have built for our nation, these forts, associations, institutions, schools and institutes for boys and girls, thanks to the sump something we mentioned, and by the grace of God was sought graciously.
Continued Sheikh interest in the development of the Institute and Dar missions, over the years, even called for the need to build a new accommodate the numbers of foreign students, sons of the Muslims, and dashed giant project steady-paced, and a quirk of fate to be visited before he died two days later, and is pleased to continue the project and Atradh died and all hope to be completed even if .
His position on women's education.
ظلت قضية تعليم المرأة تثير جدلا بين سدنة القديم وأنصار التجديد في العالم العربي، وأسالت من حبر الكاتبين أنهارا، وتوزع الفريقين سبيلان، اشتطّا بين متزمت متحجر وبين مندفع متحرر، فمنهم من رآها نسخة طبق الأصل للرجل إلا فوارق لا تغير من جوهر التطابق بينهما، مرددا دعوات غربية، أملتها أفكار شيطانية، فأطلق للمرأة العنان في كل ميدان، وتركها نهبا للثيران، وفريق آخر رآها فتنة مكنونة، واتخذها أمَة أمينة، أو متاعا للزينة، وحظر تعليمها خوفا عليها ومنها، وإلا أفلتت من الزمام، وشقيت بها الأنام. Fterkha prey to ignorance and Sidon to the devil, and both sides in order to things vilified.
And lost between the two extremes generations, Astrat for which men, said Sheikh عدون separate article, but he refused ignorance of women for fear of deviation, and the adoption of the application is the Apostle to the nation "Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim," and took the interpretation الراسخين of scientists, that the letter of commissioning sits where men and women,.
Despite opposition team a wide range of people to the idea of ​​Sheikh عدون, including some men reform, but he insisted on his mind, and he is convinced that he is right and Rashad, and began the application solo inclusion of his daughter at the school, and did not care about the strength of the opposition, then Esteban people Rushd what he did, Vaguetdoa him and baptized schools .
In the valley gutter Day Schools modern model for girls' education at the best curriculum, in the vicinity of pure whole cleared and Afaf, which teaches girls all benefit her of Science Sharia and Sciences Arabic, and يعضدها of Sciences of the times, as well as the position to carry out the task of breeding generation, of psychology and education, .
The development of schools:
Life of the fruits of the Institute for the graduation of a group of intellectuals were divided in the Algerian cities of the country and abroad, فسعوا to spread this light in their midst, and moved driven commandments Sheikh عدون and elders to prevail Institute-being around them, and it was Sheikh tips eggs to a goodbye pupils: "Inner spot where you are," competing with people in the establishment of modern Koranic schools, and reassured parents on their children's future after he was threatened with colonial schemes deformed, and shovels moral decay excreted material civilization dissolute.
And you hear from time to time about the birth of a school in this or that city, until he was population sum blessed, called on the people considered to unify efforts and coordinate plans to do educational work, and to achieve the best results. Was Sheikh عدون head of the "Education Unit" Supervisor and was named Inspector General for unity schools in the gutter valley and different cities of Algeria.
وأهّلَته خصال الحزم والجد لحمل هذه الراية أكثر من ثلاثين سنة، فكان يقوم كل عام بجولة عامة لتفتيش هذه المدارس، وتقديم تقرير مفصل عن نشاطها ومستوى طلبتها وكفاءة أساتذتها، وهي مهمة غير يسيرة وأيم الحق، تقتضيه أسفارا بعيدة تبلغ آلاف الكيلومترات، من شرق الجزائر إلى غربها، ومن شمالها إلى جنوبها لا يقوى عليها إلا أولو العزم من الرجال، ولم يتوقف عن هذا العمل الشاق، إلا حين أقعده العمر المبارك وقد جاوز الثمانين.
In his comprehensive reports on these schools Page whiter for jihad nation and soldiers hiding in this important gap from the mouths of Islam.
Association of former pupils
In 1948 Founded Bmizab Association ancient pupils of the graduates of the Institute of Life deployed in the cities of the valley gutter, the Association of communication between them and coordinate their activities scientific and social, and highlighted the fruit well in Sneha first, but hand crafty try and Ladha when she saw the threat to the interests of some influential, shrink their activity, and was confined to .
Sheikh عدون and press.
Azar Sheikh عدون leading Arab press in Algeria and dean of the deceased Sheikh Ibrahim Abu اليقظان in jihad journalist, in the darkest nights of colonialism, and to do its utmost to support him encouragement and underwriting, writing and editing, in a follow-up news and valley gutter and the course of the reform movement, then انتدبه Sheikh Abu اليقظان to assume the editor editorial one جرائده 1926 To 1938, whenever one colonizer and infanticide, Dick Abu اليقظان in other colonized throne.
Sheikh عدون was signed articles in such newspapers as the "happy," and inform the Articles of nearly one hundred and fifty articles, attest to his involvement in the literature, and owned the corner of statement.
In journalism my father اليقظان history and struggle and evidence of articles on travel golden Jihad "Happy" In the military struggle against colonialism and intellectual stagnation.
His defense of the Arabic language:
Knew Sheikh عدون that defender desperate for language of the Koran, spent Age builds souls them and Ancihm on the bases, نحوا and pure, and literature and rhetoric, and the history and ideology, believing that the Arab pot Koran, and if lost vessel lost in it, and see preserved a religious duty before any other consideration, . And paid his efforts in establishing the Arab hearts, فأحبها people clung them, flashed them poets, writers and orators Blghae, and became a gutter Castle Arab in the darkest nights of colonialism, and still praise God leading model in victories by Arab, despite the desperate enemies to continue the colonial project of the Franks to San Algerian people.
The famous Sheikh عدون in the community of public and private that defender stubborn about the Arabic language, is not pleased in that bargaining and the budget, even with the language Tamazight language of parents and grandparents, and finds that this language immediate interests, are part of the identity, but they are safe and well-being, and the Arabic language of .
With youth activities.
كانت للشيخ عدون اليد الطولى في تشجيع الأنشطة الشبانية في الجمعيات الأدبية، والرياضية، والكشفية، والنوادي العلمية والثقافية، والمجموعات الصوتية ذات الفن الأصيل، يسندها ويشجعها، ويصوب مسارها، ويقوم اعوجاجها، لا ينفك مهتما بها غاية الاهتمام، وكأنها همه الأوحد، ومشكلته الأساسية، وهي في الواقع رقم في عدد كبير، وعنصر ضمن قائمة طويلة من ملفات المجتمع وقضايا الأمة، ولكنه الإخلاص والصدق، يمنحان الفرد الوحيد قوة جيش عتيد.
And characterize the idea that the young, did not affect the lit Atqadeh the years, and did not realize المشيب, it was encouraging to the end of his life for youth activities and called for the development, and seeking new all wholesome useful, denying the deadlock on the old and sanctify him just because he is Old. Police only in the field of development resounding issues of faith and values ​​of the nation, then search for the most effective and best in all what produced Qraúh the humans in the East and West of the world, because of the wisdom that commanded searched for and taking.
He knew Sheikh عدون everyone that Sheikh young, pioneering innovation, and that the idea of ​​race many who Asgrunh in age contracts, no surprise, the predecessors into a remote بأمد life.
Heritage Society
In 1989 Valley gutter established scientific association named "Heritage Association" هدفها العناية بالتراث الفكري للمنطقة حفظا ودراسة وتحقيقا ونشرا، وتشجيعا للبحوث العلمية الجادة في مجال الفكر الإباضي وتاريخ أعلامه، وكان على رأس الجمعية الشيخ عدون، وقطع الوليد الجديد خطوات مباركة في هذا المضمار، وأنتج للأمة نتاجا طيبا من البحوث والدراسات، والكتب والكنوز، وعرّف الأجيال بتراثها وتاريخها، وما هي أصولها وهويتها، ولا تزال جهود العاملين متواصلة في سبيل هذه الغاية النبيلة، بفضل توجيهات رئيسهم الشيخ عدون، مؤمنين بأن هذا مشروع حضاري واعد، سوف يحقق تقاربا محمودا بين المسلمين، وإزالة لغشاوة الشك وسوء الظنون، وتصحيحا للرؤية القاتمة التي صنعتها كتب المقالات عن أهل الاستقامة، وتلك خطوة لازمة لتوحيد الصف ومواجهة العدو المشترك للمسلمين.
Council باعبد Rahman Alkrthy,.
In Mizab bodies customary old has been and continues to play an important role in the affairs of the community care, including the so-called "Council باعبد Rahman Alkrthy," On Urban Issues and assembly, and to take the appropriate positions on the fate of the community, and face the dangers and developments in life. It has an interest in policy issues brought about by the development of modern society.
The customary corner of this Council to prolonged shade, Then الغيورون called to revive its activity, and had a vertical Sheikh عدون, hand in it, he returned to continue his efforts, the Council issued the leadership of many events have defined the region in recent years.
Presidency of the Council uncle Said.
Society is characterized Almizaba that community mosques, led by the Aezzabh from its headquarters in the mosque, and the mosque represents the apex of the pyramid in the construction of the city valley gutter, also represents the Aezzabh the top of the social structure, and working hard to hedge community care, and anticipation integrity and safety, and ensure that imbued the lives of people law of . Each representative of the city in the top of the mosques in the valley gutter and Oargelan known as the "My uncle Council Saeed" Relative to my uncle Sheikh Saeed Jerbi who revived science Bmizab in the eighth century AH.
The role of the jurisprudential religion, means religious issues mainly, has revived his Imam Sheikh eggs after the independence of Algeria, 1962, and chaired until his death, and then followed by the presidency of the Council elders evacuated, most recently Sheikh عدون continued on his head since the death of Sheikha Previous Sheikh Abdul Rahman 1986 To the end of his life.
This is the weekly sessions to trading developments religious life and what needs to bits and the separation of the Islamic Fatwa issues in the gutter.
The Council also mean sponsored endowments Almizabeyen the in throughout Algeria and abroad, especially in the Holy Bekaa, and follow up on what matters these endowments of the organization and conduct demarcation.
Sheikh عدون and issues Almsji.
Sheikh عدون advocate keen on the unity of Muslims, broadcast in the hearts requested in lessons and sermons to the public and private, not Winnie mention their cases basic concerns major, first and foremost the question of Palestine, and states that solved will not only be at the hands of carrying the banner of monotheism, works for the religion of God that .
As under the old calls to bridge the gap and bring the gap between the sons of one nation, it goes without saying commended one of ثمراته, a disciple of the deceased Sheikh Ali Yahia Muammar, God's mercy, which enriched the Islamic library immortal his travel "Ibadi between teams Islamic" He removed the veil reasons for parting, and a constitution that the desired unity among Muslims.
It was his efforts benign to extinguish the fire of strife that broke out the flames land of Algeria, and brought on everything and everybody, and insisted on the unity of the Muslims, and the sanctity of making the difference doctrinal reason to divide the class and lighting the fire of sedition, what doctrines only schools discretionary draws from a particular book and the year of Mustafa peace be upon him.
A fine بالمطالعة than.
Tasted Sheikh عدون the science and the bitterness of deprivation the first age, فانتصر read to some extent addiction longevity, accompanied by Blhv peerless, remained the book Anisa and Samira, is not hampered by the month and not travel, nor ever-for reading regardless of its fatigue, and was sealed for night reading continues - The share read موفورا, Fastmrt for several hours.
He was keen on writing and authoring incited them his disciples, Vibdawa with the written, and has a literary correspondence with them in these areas. Also without the bright pages of the history of the reform movement and lessons Sheikh eggs in the interpretation, perhaps God of published measures the fair to working men, and reveal valuable facts about this golden era of our contemporary history.
The following is issued by the publishers of books and research and studies, and Infha by his sons and loved ones of their production, and did not incapable to what return it from absorbing it, was if reached by the book and found it had completed reading after two or three or a few days depending on the size of the book, and above this, what has been .
Reads all that cash production and Enqdh the objective statement what it is and what, in thought and methodology, analysis and method.
This has happened to the Heritage Society - a president- Project "Glossary flags Ibadi" And presented him with the beta version of the Note, and also distributed to a number of sheikhs and intellectuals for the same goal, did not respond to the Commission lexicon only answer observations by him. I told him that, thanking his eagerness and his answer, after criticism of the book in its towards what parts the errors, saying suspended: I see that I can not people we are writing intellectuals. He replied immediately: I am the imam of the disabled.
The exclamation point to his ability and his skin, and the same length reading despite magnify, did not weaken the years of his sight, even open on Riad grave, God's mercy.
It was his travels School reported on in his sacred, including received them from an overview of the conditions of Muslims and communication scholars of Islam, have visited most of the countries of Arab States and الأروبية, in several rounds, and was intimate scientists Muslims in citizen several, inside and outside Algeria, remind them of Sheikh Ahmed .
Sanctification for appointments
By Sheikh offices Ndrt-in our time, reverence for appointments, and respect for timeliness, he is always with the first attendees and another المنصرفين, does not know excuses or apologies, but what was compelling them, no burden on any person beyond its scope.
It is keen to attend appointments lessons interpretation of the Koran to mark Sheikh eggs in a mosque Sump, those lessons have continued for forty-five years of 1935 To 1980, did not lag behind them is the city's only one day to the need for compelling, and otherwise did not miss them whatever concerns and symptoms, in recognition of it for the utmost importance, and the desire of the benefits is obvious, it was like for the students of science seriously and achievement, and a role model for the general public in altitude .
Lightness of spirit
Not Sheikh عدون who يتصنع grouper المتكلف though Jllah المشيب, and what was hanging over his council Dark clouds dreary, but commonly the atmosphere mankind and proceed from lineament face signs of jubilation and joy, Vtaatfath his heart, and became man to the soul, and Zadeh Waqar المشيب only lightness spirit captivates .
Really, it was the boards bouquet literary bright colors, Zakia Shatha, Amazj the glorious beauty of literature, coupled with the wisdom and advice smile deposit, you see يتصيد urgent and يطرب her, ينتشي of humor innocent rebound cast in kindergarten Nadeer, if you gave him to drink the cloud or have been in his veins water Ghadeer.
Age and pool boy:
منح الله الشيخ عدون بركة العمر والبدن، فكان نسيجا فريدا عجز الطبب في استكناه أسراره، إذ جاوز القرن من الزمان، وما هدّت السنون من تماسكه وسلامته، إلا في شهوره الأخيرة، بل وخرق كل قوانين الصحة ومحظورات الشيخوخة، وكانت صحته مثار دهشة الأطباء، لا يعرف تحرزا من ماء مثلج، ولا وليمة دسمة، ولا شراب معسول، والدسوم والسكريات قاصمة الصحة في نظر الأطباء، وخبراء العلل، وكأنّه سبر أغوار العلة في قواعد اللغة العربية، وقد قضى في تدريسها سنوات عمره الذهبية، فنفعته لقاحًا واقيا للصحة البدنية، وقد يكون ذلك بعض جزاء الله العاجل في هذه الدار. And God created the Public. Any Affairs.
The exclamation point فعجب of the same length in the meetings long, lasts all day and stay where on the continent until the end of the meeting, while you see some of the audience of adults and children, in the restlessness of the length of الاصطبار, even professes Mgloppem apologize to spend or need a break, and Sheikh knocks everyone and answer them .
And these are some of the meanings of the pond in the health and life, as bestowed upon them a share in the money and boy.
وأفاض الله عليه من متاع الحياة ما قضى به شطرا من دهره ميسورا، وكان مثال الأب الحاني على أبنائه الصلبيين كما كان مع أبنائه الروحيين، وتمثل في بساطته وحدبه على أهل بيته، وبذله قصارى جهده ليسعدهم، رغم توزع جهوده في مهام المجتمع المتكاثرة، فكلل الله سعادته بذرية طيبة، كانوا رجالا لامعين في شتى ميادين الحياة، أحدهم أستاذ جامعي قدير، قضى العمر في تفسير كلام العليم الخبير، وآخر طبيب ماهر خبير، نذر طبه لنفع الأرملة والفقير، وثالثهم خطاط بارع كتب المصحف الشريف ثلاث مرات، صار معتمد العالم الإسلامي في قراءة ورش بين القراءات، وخاتمة العنقود معلم رابط في البلد وظل لوالده سندا ولنهجه في بناء الأجيال مددا.
Sincerity and loyalty:
Sheikh عدون was faithful walking on two legs, summed up his experience in life in two words advised them young people, saying,:
After a long at the age of one hundred years,
– I never saw a project was based on sincerity and hampered without completeness obstacles.
– And I never saw anyone gave dirhams God did not succeed be upon بالنماء and blessings.
It is his looks wise and advice provided to young people; need the confidence of the individual himself, and God first, and sincerity of intent has always been, and to acquire patient for goals and achieving success, and without it going efforts unheeded, and will not have an active role in the Change and Reform.
Denial of recognition:
And refuses humility Sheikh However, the denial of self, and the proportion of credit to others, and down on what to do, and considering jihad throughout the century just a drop in the ocean the efforts of workers, and nobody in the Dictionary flags of Islam Acommqan.
The wish him sons establish a ceremony honoring him celebrate his efforts in the service of science and the public interest, but he refused it and insisted on rejecting the idea, but he thinks it commanded at the insistence of his sons, who had prepared all the arrangements, Vredkh to reality, and before him reluctantly, tears streaming down . That was Day 14 February 2003.
It also had all classes of people appreciated the Algerian Presidency of the Republic and Ministers of State to the various state authorities, and agreed to all the reverence and appreciation, thanks and recognition سابقته.
Then his campaign hearts scientists Algeria Fajtarōh was made honorary president of the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars, in recognition thanks to him and his hands, has been supporters of the Assembly and advocates to bless their efforts to awaken the Algerian people from the darkness of ignorance, and strive to liberate them from the yoke of colonialism by seventy cents ago, Vkavoth while developed by the crown on Mfirgaha, penalty .
The march of a century and five years, was full of thousands and thousands of episodes of established science, thought and councils mentioned focus, and a reconciliation hearings held, and sometimes continue for several nights and days, and extends to ensure where to midnight or more. The pursuit tirelessly for the good of the nation and religion in various fields, not waiting for thanks and praise, no Nichan no certificate, but the pleasure of Allah and the promised Vrdosh.
وبلغ به الجهد أشده وانهارت قواه البدنية، بيد أنه ظل محتفظا بكامل قواه العقلية رغم إجراء عملية جراحية في رأسه قبل بضع سنين إثر حادث سيارة أليم، ظل نجاح العملية لغزا بمقاييس علم الأطباء، وحفظ الله له وعيه وقلبه وبصيرته، ثم كانت له لقاءات وداع لأبنائه وبناته في مختلف المؤسسات في أواخر أيامه في هذه الحياة، أوصاهم فيها بالتمسك بأهداب الدين، والحفاظ على الوحدة، والاستمساك بالإخلاص والصبر والتضحية، حتى ينالوا رضوان الله رب العالمين.
Ago those wondrous years in silence, spent Sheikh عدون the manufactured glory of immortality even Attah certainty, went to the Lord in the Holy acclaimed, مستبشرا permission God promised Bdzaúh, to deliver Valentines Muhammad and his companions.
Yeah, I've ever been Sheikh عدون to promise long wished for, and spent his old works, what Tavv not dawdle, neither retreat nor deny, and honestly what it promised his Lord, What has been compounded by O)Years and الأسقام the only certainty and lighted, and called on his Lord and disappointed sincere supplication to his Lord,  O self-reassuring () Return to your Lord satisfied .(Satisfactory () فَادْخُلِي فِي عِبَادِي () وَادْخُلِي جَنَّتِي

D. Mustafa Saleh Pago .
Faculty of Sharia and Law. Muscat.

Muscat on Friday morning 20 Ramadan 1425 AH /5 November 2004

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